Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Competition Shooting Discussion Group (4)

Paul Erhardt, Erhardt & Associates: "Handgun competition shooters now outnumber shotgun competition shooters...competition shooters are the super-users...hunters may be very avid, but they're not going to shoot a lot during the season...Todd Jarrett, in preparing for the Steel Challenge, will shoot 30,000 rounds of give you an idea of how many rounds USPSA shooters might shoot, based on their most recent classifier scores, the rough but conservative estimate is that in the last 60 days those 20000 classifier scores amount more than a million rounds downrange...16,000 members of USPSA spent approxmately $45 million just on that sport last year... we are a significant driver of sales...GSSF is a huge feeder into USPSA...where we have a problem is that we know this information, but nobody else does because we don't talk to anybody...there's some truth to the idea that we have a hostile press, but as we proved in the Maryland sniper shootings we were able to control what was going on in the media with just three people...Schloastic Clay Target Program got fantastic press...Steel Challenge we've gotten great media, including television like Fox News...the ress doesn't know about's not that they don't like us, it's that they don't know about us...unless we tell them about us, they'll never know about us...the more they know about us, the more likely we'll be able to be on the offensive rather than forever on the defensive..."


Anonymous said...

sadly the nearest place to shoot a competition to me is about 55 miles away... so instead im stuck reading about how much fun these things are instead of participating in them...

Anonymous said...'ll be well worth your time to spend a season driving the 55 miles on weekends to get the experience and contacts to start your own group. My range of choice isn't 55 miles away but it seems it when I have to get up at 0 dark thirty on Sundays to spend four hours shooting in 100+ Vegas Valley summer temps.

I've not a bit of knowledge of what I'll find when I relocate to Lafayette, LA in the near future, but I'll certainly be able to start any type of enthusiast group that doesn't exist down there and bring even more shooters into our ever-expanding family.

Remember the words of an anonymous, but great American...don't sit and stew...plot and plan instead!

Anonymous said...

the nearest outdoor range is 45 miles away, in the national forest... the next nearest outdoor range is 50 miles away and the next one after that is 53 miles away...

what i need is enough money to start my own outdoor range :-D

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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