Monday, June 16, 2008

DS Arms Fights the Good Fight!

My good friend at DS Arms outside of Chicago took another battering from that perennial Rockin' Man of God Jesse "Boom Boom" Jackson last week. This from the Chicago Tribune:
Vowing to intensify his campaign against gun violence, Rev. Jesse Jackson held a protest rally Saturday at a Lake Barrington semiautomatic rifle manufacturer.

Leading 80 supporters to the remote industrial park that houses D.S. Arms, Jackson said assault weapons were turning Chicago into a war zone.

"It does not stand to reason that we'll fight a war to end weapons of mass destruction from flowing in Iraq and increase the flow of weapons at home," he said.

Notably absent from the protest was Rev. Michael Pfleger, who often joins Jackson's protests against gun violence. Both were arrested last June after a confrontation during a protest at a south suburban gun store. Criminal charges of trespassing were dropped.

Pfleger is on a mandated leave from his parish at St. Sabina Catholic Church following incendiary comments he made last month about Sen. Hillary Clinton during a guest sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ.

Last summer, Jackson, accompanied by Pfleger, first visited D.S. Arms, the closest gun manufacturer to Chicago. The company has a catalog of 20- to 30-round semiautomatic rifles geared mostly for military and police use.
You wouldn't know it from this article, but DSA has done a tremendous job of battling the disgusting fake "Reverend's" grandstanding. I've been thinking what I can do to help month, I'll be going to DSA to do a full episode of SHOOTING GALLERY on their exclusive law enforcement training. We'll also be doing video coverage on DSA and their superb line of SA-58 FALs for DRTV!

Woa! Maybe the Right Reverend JJ Himself will attend! Maybe I can get his autograph!

Congrats to my friend Marc Galli and DSA President Dave Selvaggio for standing up for us all! Damn nice rifles, too!


Anonymous said...

Hey, tell them to move out of that 3rd world state and come to TEXAS! Won't have to worry about the JJ types, no income taxes and lots of room! I want a FN/FAL Tactical carbine for Xmas.

Anonymous said...

MB--Why do these people insist on staying in hostile areas where they and their business are not wanted? Plenty of places in South or West will be glad to have them--and pay tax/job/economic incentives to boot--plus--NO SNOW!!! dmd

Anonymous said...

Were is The Reverend Most Righteous "Hoot" Al Sharpton in all the protesting? Sounds like his kind of show.

GeorgeH said...

I try my best not to buy from manufacturers witless enough to pay taxes to anti-gun state governments.

Anonymous said...

Same here, I was wondering why Detonics even considered that tax-heavy fascist state - I moved out of there five years ago and love every second away from there.

On the other hand, DSA guns are the creme-del-la-creme of .308s.

Also, they have this cool Molon Labe AR lower - pricey @ $170 for a stripped lower but makes a nice statement.

John Richardson said...

Not that I'd live in Illinois, aging mother-in-law or not, but it could be that large industrial states like that have a goodly number of machinists and tool and die makers. Sometimes you have to put up with an oppressive state or local government in order to get the necessary workers. It isn't fair but that's business.

Anonymous said...

The shakedown artist JJ is at it again and protesting a company that has nothing to do with the Chicago gun violence that he's protesting. Maybe he should focus on the root of the problem (the people that pull the trigger) and stop blaming anybody else besides the ones that caused the problems to begin with.

Owned a couple DSAs in my time very fine rifles.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kimber is in Yonkers, New York, just north of the "Bloomberg Utopiana". They don't have ANY crime there, because there's no right-tocaryy, right?
Seriously, let's not punish these fine gum builders. They're very important to OUR future. Let's rally behind them and use our stimulus checks to buy one of there fine products. said...

It won't really have effect, I think this way.