Monday, June 16, 2008

What to Look for in the Heller Decision

Got this link for Concurring Opinions from John Lott's website, and it is a great summary of what to look for when the Heller decision comes down (probably next Monday). Read the whole will give you the right context to view the decision. Essentially, the site outlines 10 major things to look for in the decision.

DRTV will be gearing up to cover the decision as we did the oral arguments.

In all probablility, the decision will come while I (along with Jim Shepherd, Dave Kopel, Paul Erhardt and Larry Keane from NSSF) am in Colorado Springs for the NSSF Shooting Sports Summit. This would be basically a "best case," since we'll be able to gauge industry reaction quickly.


Please go to: said...

everyone is looking for scalia's leadership on this issue, but they may regret getting what they wished for. check out or its blog: you probably won't like what you read.

Sendarius said...

To "setting the record straight":

It's very obvious why there is no provision for comment at that site - the writer is full of sh*t.

I read the post to which you refer, and just imagining the existence of a human being that could believe that stuff made my head hurt.

Anonymous said...

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