Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sign of the Times

Voting for Obama?
Save Time!

I'd like to see signs like this one from The Gun Store Las Vegas (courtesy Instapundit) at every gun store in America!

Let's make sure every gun owner understands what's at stake this November; then let's make sure they all vote!


LurkMastR said...

You're gonna need a bigger boat... errr garbage can I mean.

Overload in Colorado said...

In all seriousness, can you throw away a gun? That is, what happens to a gun that reaches the end of its live?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you can turn it in at a gun buy-back program for some sneakers--dmd

Anonymous said...

Overload, a gun has outlived it's usefulness after say 200 to 500 rounds...any more than that and you are on borrowed time. I have a firearm disposal group in place so if you or your friends have some of these dangerous old firearms I'll dispose of them for free...just send them to my FFL and pay for the transfer.

Anonymous said...

You should mention...
I operate a local arms disposal service here in Ohio.
I offer to come to your home and safely remove any weapons you are wanting out of your house.

I have had exactly ONE client, so far.

For this post, I choose to remain anonymous, too (2)