Friday, June 13, 2008

This'll Sour Your Stomach!

I missed this earlier in the week, but the link was emailed to me, from Newsmax:
McCain: Bloomberg VP a Possibility

Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting John McCain praised New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during a visit to the Big Apple and hinted that Bloomberg could be considered as a possible running mate.
As Newsmax’s Insider Report disclosed last week, a source close to the mayor told an interviewer that after a recent breakfast meeting between McCain and Bloomberg, the mayor was on McCain’s “short list” for the vice presidential slot.
Here's the Google link to the various and sundry rumors, links and gossip. I don't have to make any snide remarks about this, do I? I think we as a culture would be pretty much on the same page should this happen.


Eric said...

If Colonel Tigh picks Bloomberg, I'm voting Barr/Root!

alfsauve said...

I wish he would pick Bloomberg. It would be one more reason to get behind Barr.

Anonymous said...

on DRTV when this showed up:

If this is true, all bets are off!

I do not expect McCain to be able to physically survive his first term, he looks sick, his pallor, everything about him screams end of the line medically. I may be wrong, I am only going off how he looks in photos and on TV.

Therefore his choice of VP is essential, and if it is a gun-grabber like Bloomberg, I will back freakin' Mickey Mouse before I vote for McCain.

I will not back that surrender monkey Barr, so that takes us 2A supporters back to the very point when Fred left the campaign - looking for someone to hold or noses and vote for.

As one of the guys in Easy Rider said, this used to be a hell of a country. What happened?

Frank W. James said...

I've said all along we have to see who McCain picks for the VP before making a decision whether we participate in this upcoming election.

With either Bloomberg or Romney as the VP on the repub side, there is little difference between Obama or McCain in terms of the final result.

Damn fine mess we find ourselves in.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Michael Bane said...

I agree, Frank & Geoff...Bloomberg or Romney and all bets are off. McCain gets what he deserves. Our friends the Republicans get what they have so richly earned during the years of their administration — oblivion.

McCain removes head from rear end and picks a Sarah Palin or a Fred Thompson or even a Mike Huckabee, and we can rock with that.

Good LORD, I'm TRYING to find a reason to vote for these fools, but they keep making it hareder and harder.

Read the next post from the LA Times...DARNED interesting...and a bit scary...


Anonymous said...

I heard last week that Bloomberg was still a possible choice for VP.

I've never missed a chance to vote in any election I've been elgible to vote in.

If McCain picks Bloomberg as VP, I ain't voting, at least not in the POTUS race.

Sebastian said...

It's not going to happen. Since when is Newsmax a reliable news service anyway?

Anonymous said...

Yet another rumor that begs the question: What aren't more people considering Barr/Root?