Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday in the Lobby

I'm on a creepy-slow hotel lobby Internet connect (on IE...yeech!), so I'll be brief...or as brief as I ever am.

I wanted to mention something about guns that wasn't about gun control. The cherubs and seraphim tell me that a major American ammunition manufacturer is getting ready to pop, so to speak, a high performance .380 round tailored specifically for the little Ruger LCP. Well why not? With sales still grinding through the stratosphere, the little LCP has redefined "pocket pistol" and given the long dis'sed .380 a quick poke in the butt. Mine is the very definiiton of "reliable" and it's now generally stoked with Cor-Bon DPXs.

Also in LCP news, Crimson Trace is now offering their LCP trigger guard-mounte laser - which is pretty cool...I've handled the prototypes a bunch - with a Galco pocket holster fitted for the laser. Neat set-up. Am looking forward to getting a laser on my LCP as soon as next week. I'm going to be appearing inthe next Crimson Trace training vid, BTW, which we'll be filming at the new Swanson Tactical training center outside of Salt Lake later this month.

I'll be at the .50 Caliber Worlds at the Whittington Center in NM on Saturday when they're shooting the Hunting class guns, doing a little filming for the upcoming DRTV Big .50 Internet series. I'll also have a chance to put some rounds downrange through my own Barrett 99...BOOMERS RULE!

I gotta run by SureFire before I head home...these days, you can't get in the building without signing a big non-disclose and promise to keep your eyes tightly shut when you walk around the campus.

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