Monday, June 16, 2008

Guess Which Gun Obama Does NOT Want To Ban!

Saw this Illustrated Guide to Obama's Gun Grabbing from Bob Owens over at PajamasMedia, so I thought I'd turn it into a contest! Your job is to guess which gun b-HO does NOT want to ban!

Let's get started! How about a Mossberg Magnum waterfowl shotgun like this?

WRONG! It's a semiauto, and b-HO has gone on record as wanted to ban all semiautos!

How about my father's 1911A1 from World War 2?

WRONG again, and it's a TRIPLE WHAMMY BONUS! No only is my father's 1911A1 a semiauto, but it's a handgun, and b-HO has gone on record as wanting to ban all handguns, and you can conceal it, and b-HO wants to ban all concealed carry in the United States!

Okay, how about Combat Tupperware?

GONE IN 60 SECONDS! It's a semiauto, concealable handgun, almost as disgusting as a Christian farmer from Kansas! This Remington hunting rifle...who can be against hunting rifles???

RUN AND HIDE! IT'S AN "ASSAULT WEAPON!" Yes, b-HO wnats to ban the most popular selling rifle in the world, the AR-15 in ALL its variations. Permanently. No sunset clause. You think you'll be grandfathered in? Hey, hold your breath!

One of the most popular revolvers in the world, the S&W J-frame?

CONCEALABLE! That's a big no-no for b-HO! If people in his home town of Chicago had something like this available to them, maybe they wouldn't have to ake pay-offs to politicians and the cops to stay alive! Well, can't we have relics?

NO, SILLY RABBITS! Concealable dangerous weapons!

The super high-tech Beretta competition shotgun?

That's right...GONE BABY GONE...Chicago gang-bangers would love this semiauto baby, so in the Gospel According to b-HO, it's Evil!

And the winner is:

FINALLY, a gun that b-HO HAS NOT gone on the record as wanting to ban!

Wait a coud put somebody'e eye out with that thing! Paging the Right Reverend Jesse "Who You Calling Racist" Jackson! Mobilize the usual suspects!


alfsauve said...

Are you sure the "pop" gun is legal? Is it the politically correct color? It might be on the Senator list as well.

Petey said...

Precisely why we CAN'T vote b-HO.

But considering the other option, it is going to be imperative that we ALL push to elect Senators and Representatives that will never put any bill onto b-HO's or McCain's desk that would accomplish any of these measures.

Anonymous said...

Michael: Run the same test for Bloomturd or Raunchy if they get the VP slot for McCannister.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Tilt, Doink! Arrest him!
This WEAPON does not have: a trigger safety lock, automatic cork barcode ID imprinting, a barrel over 16" long, a serial number for tracking purposes, automatic thumb-print ID to prevent unauthorized use and liability insurance.
Go right to the gulag!

DJK said...


Anonymous said...

A view to what the world will look like under a Demokrat regime from Conjob Obama's stomping ground, Chicago, if that socialist gets cranking on "gun control". From the Chicago Trib itself: Of course it's fair that they have guns and you don't.

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