Thursday, June 05, 2008

Really Work Day

The Hitchhikers Guide to Assault Weaponry...this from Sharp As a Marble, but I like it. I think I might have it engraved on my Spike Tactical AR pistol lower, serial number 666, that's in the works.

Anyhow, spent the day in California in meetings...every so often I wake up and discover that I'm a television producer and need to go do Television Producer Things. The new series, BEST DEFENSE, is shaping up into an incredible show...paradigm-breaker, as usual. I hate to follow. In the last week I've watched a bunch of shooting shows...if you want an interesting chart, plot SHOOTING GALLERY episodes by date then track how long it takes the other shows to copy us. The sincerest form of flattery blah blah.

My .50 Barrett should be in next week...major excitement! One of my favorite long guns to shoot, to be sure, and I'm fascinated by the cartridge. Got a bunch of frenetic reloading to do when I get home, especially the 200-grain lead .45 ACP loads for the Wild Bunch match, which I'm really looking forward to.

$4380 damage to my poor Honday Element from the Deer Asteroid...ouchie!


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
Speaking of "AR"s; How about working-up an AR with a super-shorty 870 as a clip-on to the accessory rail? This could add to the "Don't be a victim" toolbox.
Life Member

Eric said...

I hope your mystery doe doesn't have a lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Life Member: The second you clip it on, that 870 becomes an SBS.

Be sure to register it correctly.

Anonymous said...


Since I just got my very first AR last week I really like that Don't Panic graphic.

Is that available in a tee shirt or a big sticker?

Anonymous said...

are you aware that the military has a max number of .50BMG shots/day that their snipers are allowed to fire at the range? Not sure if it's Army or Marines or both, etc... Something about bad health effects. Either recoil, or muzzle brake blast, or combo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristopher,
I think that being completely legal is a pre-requisite. With Michael doing more on special category guns, short barreled guns, "cans" and how to register them, this would fit right in.
Life Member

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about the Honda... I had an extra chocolate croissant at La Fonda's in your honor this morning...

No, really, that was the whole reason.


Anonymous said...

Lawrence, I created that graphic and if you'd like it, I can email it to you (contact me via my blog).

I just got it engraved today and the final results are online!. Looks extra froody! While I was getting it engraved, several other people asked about it. It's quite the hit!