Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama's Jack-Booted Thug

New Attorney General Designate Eric Holder is the real fascist deal...this from Volokh Conspiracy:
At the oral argument before the Fifth Circuit in United States v. Emerson, the Assistant U.S. Attorney told the panel that the Second Amendment was no barrier to gun confiscation, not even of the confiscation of guns from on-duty National Guardsmen.

As Deputy Attorney General, Holder was a strong supporter of restrictive gun control. He advocated federal licensing of handgun owners, a three day waiting period on handgun sales, rationing handgun sales to no more than one per month, banning possession of handguns and so-called "assault weapons" (cosmetically incorrect guns) by anyone under age of 21, a gun show restriction bill that would have given the federal government the power to shut down all gun shows, national gun registration, and mandatory prison sentences for trivial offenses (e.g., giving your son an heirloom handgun for Christmas, if he were two weeks shy of his 21st birthday). He also promoted the factoid that "Every day that goes by, about 12, 13 more children in this country die from gun violence"--a statistic is true only if one counts 18-year-old gangsters who shoot each other as "children."(Sources: Holder testimony before House Judiciary Committee, Subcommitee on Crime, May 27,1999; Holder Weekly Briefing, May 20, 2000. One of the bills that Holder endorsed is detailed in my 1999 Issue Paper "Unfair and Unconstitutional.")

After 9/11, he penned a Washington Post op-ed, "Keeping Guns Away From Terrorists" arguing that a new law should give "the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms a record of every firearm sale." He also stated that prospective gun buyers should be checked against the secret "watch lists" compiled by various government entities. (In an Issue Paper on the watch list proposal, I quote a FBI spokesman stating that there is no cause to deny gun ownership to someone simply because she is on the FBI list.)

After the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the D.C. handgun ban and self-defense ban were unconstitutional in 2007, Holder complained that the decision "opens the door to more people having more access to guns and putting guns on the streets."

Holder played a key role in the gunpoint, night-time kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez. The pretext for the paramilitary invasion of the six-year-old's home was that someone in his family might have been licensed to carry a handgun under Florida law. Although a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo showed a federal agent dressed like a soldier and pointing a machine gun at the man who was holding the terrified child, Holder claimed that Gonzalez "was not taken at the point of a gun" and that the federal agents whom Holder had sent to capture Gonzalez had acted "very sensitively." If Mr. Holder believes that breaking down a door with a battering ram, pointing guns at children (not just Elian), and yelling "Get down, get down, we'll shoot" is example of acting "very sensitively," his judgment about the responsible use of firearms is not as acute as would be desirable for a cabinet officer who would be in charge of thousands and thousands of armed federal agents, many of them paramilitary agents with machine guns.
Here's what the editors at NRO had to say about the Thug-Designate:
He is convinced justice in America needs to be “established” rather than enforced; he’s excited about hate crimes and enthusiastic about the constitutionally dubious Violence Against Women Act; he’s a supporter of affirmative action and a practitioner of the statistical voodoo that makes it possible to burden police departments with accusations of racial profiling and the states with charges of racially skewed death-penalty enforcement; he’s more likely to be animated by a touchy-feely Reno-esque agenda than traditional enforcement against crimes; he’s in favor of ending the detentions of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay and favors income redistribution to address the supposed root causes of crime.

In any other time, Holder would simply be an uninspired choice. But these are not ordinary times — we face a serious, persistent threat from Islamist terrorists. At the same time, Democrats have expressed outrage over both the alleged politicization of the Justice Department and the reckless disregard of its storied traditions. For these times, it is difficult to imagine a worse choice for AG than Eric Holder.
Scary! This is starting to play out like the plot of Matthew Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic...


Anonymous said...

I am reading EF&D right now. It is a well written and I fear a prophetic book. Everyone should read it.

Eric said...

Too bad Claire Wolfe isn't blogging anymore...

GeorgeH said...

Today's rumor is that they won't waste time on gun laws. After the election, dealers will be instructed that all transactions must use a newly revised Form 4473,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bane, using words like FASCIST and THUG surely isn't what we need at the dawn of the Obama age.

Love, understanding and charity should be your guide words ! Worship his being, worship his doings, worship his thoughts. Worry not. All will be well as the sun rises on the face of BO.

Anonymous said...

I just sent in my check to the second amendment foundation. America must get political about this. However, I'm afraid this is only the start. The only change I see coming is socialism and to put in the same players as before (remember 1994). Stand united and stay safe as no one else is going to protect you.

Anonymous said...

The new form 4473 goes into effect on January 15. They pushed back the start date to avoid burdening dealers with a new form during the busy hunting/holiday season.

Gun control will come. Obama's admin will push it with a democrat congress to get it through. The "they're too busy" argument is only wishful thinking and those that push that line of thinking have their heads buried in the sand.

Anonymous said...

To the "anonymous" who scolds some of us as having our heads in the sand for considering that the BHO administration may find other issues initially diverting attention from our issue and, in any event, may consider taking into account the political wisdom of waiting until after the midterm congressional elections, I would ask what should we do differently than those of you who believe the gun grab will start the day of the inauguration?

We're saying, work to help elect or reelect congressional candidates who support the 2nd, and donate more cash to our lobbyists -- NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, et. al.

Why badmouth us for believing we have a little more time than you believe we have to mobilize our efforts? What good does insulting your allies do, unless you have a plan that would produce a more immediate effect than ours?

Or is this just your way of crying?

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder was also the principal Justice Department lawyer (some say the only lawyer) who processed and pushed the Clinton pardons of Marc Rich and the FALN terrorists. What a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

nj_larry said...

"Mr. Bane, using words like FASCIST and THUG surely isn't what we need at the dawn of the Obama age.

Love, understanding and charity should be your guide words ! Worship his being, worship his doings, worship his thoughts. Worry not. All will be well as the sun rises on the face of BO."

Well, Mr. nj_larry, using words like "worry not" and "all will be well" are about as useful right now as a boil on the scrotum, and the fact that you would WORSHIP anything about Barack Obama (I noticed that you didn't say "worship His", so I know damned well who you are referring to there) simply illustrates that you are nothing more than a silly, insignificant little person with your head buried in your a$$. God help your family should they ever require the paternal protection of someone with a spine.

I can just hear you now:

"What are you doing in my house, and why do you have that knife!?

"Wait, here, take my wife and daughter, just please don't hurt me!!!

"Surely that's enough!


"OK, then, let's settle this like gentlemen! I'll pull my dentures out and blow you!"

That ridiculous, flowery Berkeley-ish drivel you posted is both nonsensical and retarded, and it sounds like the ravings of a mescaline influenced moron. I've seen little bitty dried up dog turds that are more worthy of respect than you are.

How's those words for ya in this "age of Obama"?

Anonymous said...

Amos Moses

Geeze it was a joke. Lighten up.