Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Avast, Ye Mangy Curs!






George said...
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Eric said...

Borg Pirate, methinks!

Get well soon, matey!

George said...

My prayers are with you!

Aaargh!! Who's the pretty bird on ye shoulder, mate?

Blow me down! Where's thee podcast, bloke?

nj_larry said...

I always get me Vixens and Wenches mixed up, but ya need ones of them too matey....

JNevis said...

OK so how do us mere mortals get a SG sweatshirt or shirt?

Fiftycal said...

What? Didn't you pick up one of those Glock Bayonets at SHOT show? There's your handgun with a bayonet. Can't help with the ship. I could give you a copy of my "Admiral of the Bolivian Navy" certificate, if that would help.

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

You forgot your pirate bling too - that old safe knob?

Glad you're still among the living. So what did the doc say when he finished working you over?

Chuck said...


Get well soon. Our prayers are with you.
Great parrot. Do we need a treasure map to find a hoodie with the yellow duck on it?

Michael Bane said...

Thank you, all, for the wonderful kind thoughts and prayers!

The big red bird is Bishop, our green-winged macaw...she's 10 years old now and still a bit testy. She likes to sing, but the only worlds she knows is "LA! LA! LA!"

Doctor said the surgery went well...I'll find out more tomorrow when he peels off the eyepatch and ponders my eyeball. During the surgery, I heard the nurse ask if all the cornea scarring was from the shingles, and the doctor answered in the affirmative. Whatever vision I get back will be a blessing, and if I ned up back at zero, hey, I know how to shoot left-handed!

Lemme see what i can do about those SG hoodies...


Sanjuancb said...


Best wishes for a soon recovery! Not to mention, A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

philw said...

Best of luck mate

hope the recovery works out well mate

Unknown said...

Hope all goes well. Hope the shooting god smile on you and give the option of which side to shoot from.

Anonymous said...

I was flipping through some magazine lately, and I saw an advertisement for a shingles vaccine.

Maybe this is kinda dumb to ask this now Michael...but if you could go back 10 years ago, would you have gotten a shingles vaccine?

Bob said...

To Err is Human
To Arr is Pirate.

Get well Michael

The Warrior said...

I can do the Russel Crowe part...and the Paul Bettany one, as well. Excellent script, that.

"Nonsense! Name a shrub after me. Something prickly and hard to eradicate."


Mathew Paust said...

Sorry I'm late - weather ruined our satellite server reception last nite - but I, too, wish you a swift and successful conclusion to the eye thing.

Oh, and now that Bishop has mastered his "la la las," he's probly ready to try an "argh" or two. It ain't easy, I'm sure, on that long and twisted road to "pieces of eight - awwwwwwwk."

Sadltrmp said...
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Sadltrmp said...

Here's to a fast recovery, a fast ship, and a crew of scurvy pirates, carrying a load of lusty wenches!
Suggested reading for your recovery time - Robert E. Howards Conan saga "Queen of the Black Coast" best pirate story ever!
Russel Crow might make a better Conan than Arnie?!

Bill Rushmore said...

Don't forget the treasure map. You can't be a pirate with out the treasure map!

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers. Have a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

Go with the Errol Flynn pirate or the Douglas Fairbanks version.

Relax and heal up.


Hazcat said...

Get well, MB.

And here's a link ya might need ;)


Anonymously yours, ericire12 said...

Its all fun and games until you poke your eye out

P.S. Add some rum to that list

Mdev said...

So if you dont mind me asking, are you still CCWing during your recovery? How has the recovery period and what I would assume would be a massive effect on depth perception effected your self defense mindset?

More importantly I wish you a happy healthy and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...


Get well soon! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your progress!

God Bless!


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