Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Blogpost I Wish I'd Written

From Tam at View From the Porch, commenting on the "stunninng" news (which you read here months ago) that Sig would be introducing their own AR15 clone:
A new AR clone these days is about as "unexpected" as another Friday the 13th sequel or Law & Order spinoff.
Here are my predictions for "unexpected" AR announcements at SHOT:
Harrington & Richardson H&R-15: Cast parts and stained birch furniture keep costs down. Sold at Wal-Mart for $109.95.
Harley-Davidson HD-15: Leaks oil. Comes with clip-on ponytail and lick'n'stick eagle tattoo in box, as well as coupon for chromed BUIS, charging handle, and highway pegs.
Read the whole thing, and laugh out loud!


Anonymous said...

I'm really waiting for a John Deere one...I haven't clicked on that other link, at least not yet, but a green and yellow AR would be cool.

Anonymous said...

My first Issue M16 was a Harrington and Richardson. Best example of the breed I ever shot, in fact I shot it well enough to win the BRMC trophy in my Basic Training Company in 1970.

Every other M16 I was issued was a POS Hydra Matic. Talk about junk, the property book listed the cost of the weapon as $110 in 1970! And they were of course select fire, until they jammed.

Troops today, and us citzens, are blessed with an abundance of well made AR's.

Anonymous said...

Can't have a John Deere AR! Like almost all Deeres these days, it'd have to be made by Yanmar which is a Chinese company banned by (Clinton) Executive Order from exporting "non-sporting" arms to the USofA. Now they might just get away with a John Deere branded double barrelled coach gun, however...

seeker_two said...

...and don't forget the Honda'll be a gas/electric hybrid, of course....