Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Match Day!

Well, a 3-out-of-5 stage good day at the Pawnee Station cowboy action match. I would first like to announce on Stage 1 Indiana Jackson beat me fair and square — we both shot clean, but she was just faster than me. I sense this is a harbinger of things to come. Thankfully, I came back later in the match, so I don't have to go to Guy Court or anything.

She's still having all kinds of trouble with her birdshead Ruger .32s...they're hanging up as if there's a high primer, but the ammo is fine. Hopefully we'll get it sorted out, because it's a sweet set of guns to shoot.

We took the new Ruger to the range today, and it clocked pretty much rave reviews. It safe to say, I suppose, that the gun is a revolver and it is a single action. A nice gun!

Then we went to a Christmas party in the People's Republic of Boulder...I was sort of reminded of Ann Coulter's book HOW TO TALK TO A LIBERAL (If You Must). A bunch of people at the party are friends of my Sweetie and I, but it's hard to navigate a room full of liberals...we no longer have a set of shared assumptions. Example: a couple of people were talking about how exciting it was that America was finally moving toward socialism, "even though most people are too stupid to know it's socialism!" Wow! What could be more exciting? Socialism! It's worked so well everywhere else! Michael had to leave.

BTW, I've been meaning to mention that my friend Dave Skinner at STI International is pressing ahead with all sorts of cool stuff. I like the looks of the new Apeiro, even though the name sounds like a small, featureless Ford coupe. It's a continuation of their 2011 modular steel frame/polymer grip series guns. Dave also announced STI wold be rolling out a bunch of goodies for SHOT...from his most recent SkinnerGram:
Well, I told you I'd drop a couple hints about new product in the period leading up to SHOT, so here goes: Look for an "Officer's" size 1911 even smaller than the "Escort"? How ‘bout a "Ladies Gun"? Anybody up for a "2011" even smaller than the "VIP"? Accessories for the rifles? Smaller calibers of the GP6? Maybe a DAO, shorter version of the GP6? Shorter SA/DA version? That's not all we have up our sleeve but it ought to be enough "bait" for the moment!
I'm particularly interested in the 2011 smaller than the VIP. I've always liked the VIP...


Sadltrmp said...

I've heard that same line about "how moving towards socialism is a good thing" do these people get labotomy's when they're at Ivy league schools?

Rastus said...

The real shame is that it is not just Ivy League anymore.

Anonymous said...

Another SA Ruger?

Darn, I was hoping for a next frame size up LCR in 44 Special! CA's has been selling their crappy Bulldogs for decades and I was hoping for a quality one from Ruger.

Unknown said...

The lobotomy begins in grade school...sadly.

Michael Bane said...'re not going to get your .44 Special LCR, although I too have gone to the mattresses for it, but a a beefed up LCR in a different caliber isn't out of the question (although I don;t have one in my cherubs and seraphim have told me of factory prototypes currently circulating...

RE: Socialism, for that room full of people at the party last night, there is an almost staggering disconnect between their 1968-vintage earnest student political thought and the brutal economic reality of today. They fantasize about Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, talk with religious fervor about "climate change: as if it was something other than a massive wealth redistribution plan, talk about living in a "just" United States where people like me, safely defanged, pay huge taxes to support their cushy government jobs and entitlements that to me border on lunacy — "Is it right for us to be able to have a flat-screen television when there are still homeless in Denver?"

Merry Christmas...


RVN11B said...

I doubt that I would have lasted more than a few minutes at that party.

It seems that the older I got, the shorter my fuse.

Fortunately that small circle of friends of mine have not lost the use of their brain cells.

Thank goodness for that!

Uno Mas said...

How'd the new eyeball work?

Anonymous said...

On the birdsheads, make sure the plunger on the end of the cylinder pin is functioning properly (and the pin is all the way in etc).

Sometimes the transfer bar isn't pushed far enough away from the firing pin to allow the hammer to be cocked.

Been there done that!

Anonymous said...


If by a beefed up LCR you mean an steel framed version in 357, well, try to convince Ruger we don't need such a gun. The older I get the more I appreciate such caliber's as the 38 & 44 Special.

I like the concept of the CA's Bulldog but every time I examine a CA product I can't help being underwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Damn, and I do love the .44 special so. the mushroom

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Conservatives gave us the worst president in history not once but twice. Their judgement is as poor, or worse, than anyone elses.

Personally I'd like to see a 44 spl NV.