Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thoughtful Words from a CCW Holder

Picked this up from Jeff at Alphecca, an op-ed from the Washington News Tribune:
I am well aware of the laws and regulations affecting me. Like most people who legally carry concealed handguns, I practice regularly at a range. My fellow license holders and I are generally well trained and practice more than many law enforcement officers.

I am aware of the responsibility I bear, and while I have no duty to retreat here in Washington, I will retreat if possible to avoid conflict.

But know this: Should the need arise, I will act swiftly, intelligently and decisively to protect my life and the lives of those around me.

You should feel a degree of comfort knowing that there may be someone nearby with means, motive and training to possibly save your life or that of those around you. Criminals, on the other hand, should feel fear. They never know if their next intended victim may be armed, trained and ready to effectively defend themselves.

If you feel safer patronizing establishments with a no-guns-allowed policy, please keep in mind that the criminals don’t obey the signs or the laws. That is why we call them criminals.


Dave S. said...

Interesting. The sign says, "Unless otherwise authorized by law." If I were arrested and I had a CCW, my defense would be that the CCW falls under that exception.

Mathew Paust said...

The last paragraph is a sublimely potent whack upside the head of ninniehood. This writer's subtle irony in deftly negating the faux sense of safety conveyed by the sign is masterful. It makes me want to leap in the air and cheer raucously.

Anonymous said...

That is the famous Ohio "ghostbuster" sign. Its sole purpose in life is to tell lawfully armed and CCW licensed citizens that they are not welcome in that establishment armed (only LEOs).

We, from Ohioans for Concealed Carry, call these places "CPZ"s, meaning "Criminal Protection Zones".

It takes time, we've only had CCW for 5 years. The CCws laws have improved, you should have seen the hoops we had to jump through in 2004.

Mr. Glock

Unknown said...

Per Dave S., I know of Ohio Attorneys specializing in Ohio gun laws who share that opinion.

Fireman Joe The CableGuy said...

In Ohio any sign even if drawn by a kid in crayon makes it a NGZ...
Signes we would like to see....


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