Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Trip of the Year

For Shot Show TV and to hang out with Stephen Hunter for SG...more when I land!

Good news from opthamologist today...initial take us restoring my right eye vision to at least 20/40, a LOT better than the 20/gazillion it wa! Cool!

-- Post From The Road


DonWorsham said...

perhaps now we can see eye to eye.

Mathew Paust said...


Anonymous said...

Travel safe! Glad to hear the eyes are better.


Charlie Foxtrot said...


MzVRWC said...

We are very glad to hear the surgery went well! Hope to run into you at SHOT Show.

John said...

That's great!

Will Fennell said...

I know the felling....see you at SHOTSHOW, its just around the corner. I'll be running the BERETTA shotgun range on media day.


Will Fennell