Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Color Me Puzzled... to why Richard Swan, CEO of Atlantic Research Marketing System and his wife and VP, Sharon, would donate $500 each to the campaign of rabidly antigun MA Senate candidate Martha Croakly instead of pro-gun Republican Scott Brown? A.R.M.S. has been around a long time and they make a superb line of products for black rifles — not exactly beloved in Massachusetts.

Croakley has no published statements on her "Issues" page, but she is a mainline Dem endorsed by John Kerry and every union on earth. According to the folks in MA who've been contacting me, Croakley has actively supported and maintained the onerous MA "gun safety" regulations that have decimated the number of handguns available for sale in MA. She's also actively opposed a "workaround" that would allow target shooters to get their specialized guns.

OTOH, Brown's issue site says this:
Gun issues
I support the Second Amendment and believe that citizens have the right to keep and bear arms as a basic constitutional liberty. I support safe and responsible gun ownership.
Of course, this is America and we are all free to support and vote for whomever we choose. And yes, we understand the difference between companies giving money to a candidate and executives in companies giving money to a candidate. But the truth is every day every one of us "votes with our wallets" — we choose where we want to spend our painfully constrained dollars. My friends in MA have expressed concern about giving money to a company where even a small portion of that money goes to support people who want to strip us of our rights.

I believe that is a valid concern.


Anonymous said...

Google 'ARMS larue'.

ARMS are IP trolls, their products fall apart and they are generally unpleasant. They ceased making useful products long ago and now sustain themselves on lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Completely bizarre. The guy has obviously lost his mind.

BOILER said...

Yet another reason (not that I needed one) to spend my money with Larue Tactical!

Rob said...

The Democratic candidate will win the senatorial election in MA. In fact Coakley (no "r" in her last name) stated that the Democratic primary was the real election and she is sadly correct.

The executives at ARMS appear to be trying to ingratiate themselves to the heir apparent, without regard for principles. Being friends of an anti-gun senator beats a friendship with a pro-gun losing candidate if you are defense contractor.

The best solution would be to lock the Swans in a room with Ronnie Barrett and not let them out until Ronnie has explained a few things to them about honor, integrity and principles.

In the meantime, be sure to stop by the ARMS booth at the Shot Show and let them know what the shooting community thinks of this stunt.

Anonymous said...

Dick Swan has been surpassed in the mount game, and now only seeks to gain monies from filing frivolous lawsuits against companies who have him beat; as an example, LaRue Tactical and his lawsuit over the prime integer 17. The supporting of a rabidly anti-2A candidate should only serve to sound his death knell.

Further, and as an aside which only relates to the man's character, it's been said that he is a voracious collector of Nazi paraphernalia, not exactly a model US citizen or business man.


Jason said...

Dick Swan has probably sued more gun companies than most anti-gun groups have. He is aptly named, a liar, and his products cause AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Looks like LaRue Tactical has an interesting way of interacting with Mr. Dick Swan, too.

Unknown said...

I guess I'd only take issue with the statement that "they make a superb line of products". Virtually everything they make has a superior counterpart from companies such as Larue Tactical and Troy Industries.

Noggy said...

No mystery here...after the Republicans have sat by and done absolutely nothing but b*tch and moan while Wall Street tanked, Paulson was down on his knees begging the Dems to save the country and Bush was hidding out somewhere in the oval office...why waste a vote on a GOP candidate. All the Dems have to do in 2010 is ask voters to list what Republicans have done for this country in 2008-2009. Zip...Nada...Zero. A Republican all my life...I left the party last year after McCain picked Palin. Need I say more.

Anonymous said...

@ Rob...bravo, jolly good post SIR!

My guess is that somewhere on the back burner at ARMS's R and D is some type of gun safety device that if state or federally mandated, would allow the ARMS people to rake in bushell fulls of cash.

In a similar vein, are those two guys who are trying to get their patented laser technology for serial numbering ammo/bullets up and running with state legislation requiring that ammo be serialized.

If one were to poke around the internet some more, one might just assume that there is a or at least there was once a relationship between the "National Association of Stocking Gun Dealers" and the Violence Prevention Center (the VPC) and the Brady "gang" in an effort to close the "gunshow loophole".

See, all those brick and mortar gun stores you might have frequented in the past before would of course love to keep you from buying or selling a gun at a gunshow to some private person without a non-basement or non-kitchen table FFL (the brick and mortar store) to have to be involved in the transaction.

As to what the current status is of the "National Association (or Alliance?) of Stocking Gun Dealers" right now... I have NO idea.

Next time you go buy a gun at some gunstore, ask then if they are/were a member of the NASGD?

Yeah, that's right just ask them.

And if they actually admit to it, then please take your business like a kitchen table or basement FFL.

And just a curious observation I noted...why does it appear that most gun related manufacturer owners are like always embroiled in legal issues and law suits? Like Bruce Siddle of Detonics.

Anonymous said...

To: "Anonymous @ 5:00 A. M.",
"One might just assume....."? Well, was there a relationship, or wasn't there? Help me understand it better. Can you give examples to support the conspiracy theory? I get tangled-up in the old adage: "Assume: To make an "ass" of "u" (you) and "me", is to assume!"
I need facts.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Back to the internet do-jo for you grasshopper... your google fu is weak.

Try googling...oh I don't know...

"National Stocking Gun Dealer + VPC"

for a start, and take a look-see as to where that might take you.

Or maybe looking for anything like "Violence Prevention Center + gunshow loophole"

and see which other entities partnered up with the VPC.

Dave S. said...

"A Republican all my life...I left the party last year after McCain picked Palin. Need I say more."

No, you've explained yourself more clearly than you realize. I imagine the Republicans aren't exactly mourning your loss.

The fact that you think it was Palin and not McCain that was the problem part of the ticket speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

"I left the party last year after McCain picked Palin. Need I say more."

Noggy, I would suggest that "I'm sorry" would be a good place to start.

As to the Swan's, I bet they want something from Coakley.
Tom Bogan

Anonymous said...

"A Republican all my life...I left the party last year after McCain picked Palin."

So, um, how's your man Obama working out there?

"A Republican all my life"...yeah, uh huh.

Truthfully, most REAL Republicans were heartened by McCain's choice of Palin, who so scared the establishment that the media still hounds her 24/7, much to the delight of our current administration.

It wasn't Palin that sank McCain's campaign, it was McCain, a man who ultimately had no fight left in him, and had to leash Palin to keep her from steamrolling right over his tired behind.

With regards to ARMS & Dick Swan, I have no doubt that he would gleefully equip the gun confiscation teams if that opportunity ever arises.

Anonymous said...

Friends don't let friends use ARMS Mounts...

Anonymous said...

Another ARMS lawsuit.

ARMS can FOAD for all I care.

Anonymous said...

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