Friday, December 18, 2009


Had a wonderful dinner last night with Steve and Jean Hunter and our crew in Baltimore last of those great dinners where I wish all of you guys could have been at the table!@ Guns, movies, conversation and Big Fun. Marshal Halloway (there filming for DRTV), producer/director John Carter and I believe the Stephen Hunter SHOOTING GALLERY is going to take the show to a new'll of course be the final judges of that, and you'll probably get to see it in early February. To whet your appetite, DRTV is going to release our entire interview with Steve on I, SNIPER the week the book is released in January. Of course...another first for DRTV. Oh yeah, we have Steve's targets from our filming; he autographed them all and we'll be giving them away on DRTV...a unique collectable for Hunter fans!

BTW, 47TH SAMURAI has been optioned for Hollywood. Sometime between now and forever it may be the next Bob the Nailer movie.

On the way home I picked up FOUR — count 'em! — new guns...well. one old gun and three very very new new they're not cataloged by any of the companies. Here's a little of the boxes was from Ruger...I opened the box, then called Ruger and said one world...SOLD! That baby's not leaving the house!

The other stuff is just as cool...the earliest embargo date on at least one of the guns is 4 January — we'll have DRTV video and full details as soon as we can tell you.

Pixs of the new Bushmaster ACR, the once and future Masada, are up on, thanks to Jesse James, winner of this years AAC Silencer Shoot...the top prize was an ACR. Jim Shepherd at the SHOOTING WIRE is all stoked up about the Beretta ARX-160, the Italian Army's new battle rifle:
Even more impressive - at least to me - Beretta's quick-change barrel system. Using two hands, again with no tools, a user can choose from several barrel options, make the change from short, -mid, to -precision length barrel, and be back in action in seconds.
While I'm catching up, Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media had an interesting article yesterday on the .410 pistol-gripped shotgun as a self-defense, albeit last ditch, self-defense tool:
In .410, the pistol grip shotgun actually makes a lot more sense. Then you get all the benefits of a short overall length, and with the light recoil of even the stoutest .410 loads it would be much easier to aim and manage recoil when firing without the benefit of a shoulder stock. I do feel like the sling is a must have though, if for no other reason than it allows the shoot a way to retain the weapon if you’re in a CQB situation in your house, as well as providing a more stable firing platform when the shotgun is pressed out against the sling.
Not my first choice, but for apartment dwellers and in some cases the elderly and the physically impaired, not an irrational choice.

This was the LAST TRIP OF THE YEAR!!!! Gonna shoot a cowboy match out in the tundra tomorrow, then do homney stuff for a couple of weeks!


Tommy Tornado said...

So you are going to leave me in suspense as to what gun Ruger sent you. That stinks, but I enjoy reading the blog. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

aww come on just a little hint not good with surprises or patience....

Anonymous said...

@ Michael did see or hear about the new Federal Trade Commission rules on bloggers accepting "graft" for their glowing reports of manufacturer's product, right?

Well, if not, you can read up on it here:

Sooo...a new product from Ruger, eh?

When's the recall?

Anonymous said...

Great blog today! Can't wait for the new Guns to be unveiled, I also like the links to other blogs.
I hope your eye surgery is healing well! Thanks for all the good stuff!

Rastus said...

Big deal on the FTC. Everyone knows you have material agreements with certain companies. That's pretty much what is required that you let people know...which you do...but it does not say how so there you go.

This thing also reaches to consumers. Big Brother on patrol for the little guy whilst the big thieves are given money.

What you say, the bank HOLDING companies...not the banks were insolvent....the biggest fraud ever perpetrated...the bank HOLDING companies were insolvent...not the banks (twice for effect, let that sink in). So what if the holding company goes under...the bank where the money was is solvent the bailut was for the big boys not the little guy. Making sense now?

Yes I know there are some banks in trouble...but check it yourself, the holding companies are accessing the government cash and the FDIC money set aside to protect banks....not bank HOLDING companies.

And yes, how is the eye doing? I've got a soft spot on vision since I have macular degeneration...any improvement is good when you start to lose vision.

Not Available said...

47TH SAMURAI has been optioned for Hollywood!!! Oh no, they'll get Steven Seagal to play Bob!!!

John said...

I hope you got out of Baltimore before the snow hit!

Obama returns from Copenhagen to a blizzard. I wonder if Al Gore was on Air Force One with him. Works every time!

Jnevis said...

And AGAIN you're in town and didn't stop in! That's OK the USPSA and IDPA matches are over for the season.

Anonymous said...

I, Sniper to be released in JANU-FRIGGEN-ARY? Amazon still shows release date as Dec. 29. I have time inked in on my Christmas break to read it! Say it ain't so!

Haji said...

"When's the recall?"
I gotta admit, even though I've owned a bunch of Rugers over my shooting lifetime and I still have at least one (I guess I gotta go check the inventory), the constant recalls have been a source of entertainment for me. It hasn't helped that company that there are many who hold grudges against them (I don't really care, personally) for siding with the gummint over the AWB. They've not been a serious player in the market segments I'm involved in for quite a long time, but a good product is a good product, and everybody wins with one.

Take some time off and get recharged, Michael! Ya gotta be rested up for the marathon of walking at SHOT. Maybe you'll finally get to meet me there! lol!

Eric said...

Two questions on the Ruger:

1. Revolver or semi-auto?
2. If revolver, SA?

Hope you get home safe!

Anonymous said...

47th Samurai was a great book. Unfortunately there are about a million ways Hollywood could screw up a movie version.

Rastus said...

Sided with the government? I recall that was Smith and Wesson, not Ruger. I don't think that I missed that. But I have been wrong in the past.

You mean Lawman Steven Seagal? He has that show now where he's been a deputy sherrif in Jefferson Parish...somewhat old stomping grounds, I could tell you a thing or two. Like after Katrina, Jefferson Parish deputies were on the Mississippi River Bridge telling the New Orleans refugees to stay out...the right thing to do.

Dave S. said...

Hmmm... new Ruger...

I would hope it's a single-action Colt Lightning look-alike on the Single Six frame, in .32-20 and/or .38 Special. But since the market for that particular gun consists of me, me, and possibly me, I won't hold my breath.

Mini-14 with the old AC-556 folding stock? Nah.

SxS shotgun? Nah.

Oh! How about a Vaquero in .44 Special? Yep, I'll put a fiver on that.

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