Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Next Gen Black Rifle Pricing

The Firearm Blog is covering this hot and heavy...check it out.


randyho said...

Golly, so why are ak's becoming more and more popular?

Eric said...

AK's are becoming more popular for two reasons - price, and they aren't chambered in 5.56.

Louis said...

It will be interesting to see how the greater than $2000 prices hold up as we leave behind the black rifle boom period. Especially for the Bushmaster ACR that doesn't have the HK or FN name and also has not been adopted for use by special forces like the SCAR.

Anonymous said...

The Bushmaster ACR with the collapsible stock is $3100 which should be the one placed in the comparison as it more closely matches the others with collapsible stocks. $2600 is for the fixed stock basic version. Any way you look at it way overpriced.

Anonymous said...

Late last year, I got a MSAR STG-556 (Gen4, with the latest enhancements) for $999 shipped.

I can get a SR-556 for $1560 at any time I wish from a local shop, and it comes with a full accessory package to boot!

The Steyr AUG A3's are available for around $1850 from Pete at PJS Investments, a long-time Steyr dealer. Had the MSAR deals not popped up, I would've gone that route, and will likely get one one my finances get a boost.

SCAR's are going for below MSRP, but FN is supposedly only shipping 200 rifles a month. Looks like they're using the Rolex model to try and maintain pricing: limit supply to maintain demand.

The H&K MR556 being priced at high levels is no surprise, but I doubt that'll be maintained. I hope the rumors that they've made the lowers industry-standard (proper push-pin locations) are accurate...

Michael, I honestly think that the new "black rifle" market is going to stabilize at the $1500-1800 level. Forward thinking manufacturers will embrace that, and stupid ones ignore it at their peril.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone pay over $2,000 for an AR-15 type rifle and not buy a JP? If you haven't shot one, you don't know what your missing. It's the gold standard. The Stradevarius of AR15s. Everything else is nothing but more "production grade" black guns.

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