Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Streets of Laredo" Saturday

Indeed, it's a lazy Saturday and I'm working my way through 5 hours of "Streets of Laredo," the television sequel to "Lonesome Dove." James Garner takes over the Woodrow F. Call role and does a very good job with it. Later I've got to clean some revolvers and tinker back together a Ruger Blackhawk I've had apart for repairs.

In the meantime, I've been pondering the Zimmerman Arms "tactical" .22 LR pistols based on the Ruger 10/22 platform.

What does it all mean, I ask? I'm not sure, I answer, but if rumors of a Munchkin revolution start circulating, I know where to go for the hardware!

"Eat hot lead, little minions of Satan!"

Next Monday, on George Washington's birthday, the regulations on carrying firearms in national parks change...essentially, the firearms regulations in the parks will mirror the firearms laws of the states the parks are in. Dave Workman of GUNWEEK tracks the usual antigun hysteria, such as these histronics from AOL News:
“...knowing the person next to your family at an evening campfire or on a ranger-led hike might have a gun will have a chilling effect...”
Right...parks will become Dodge City...yada yada. Come Monday, nothing will happens, as usual, except that we'll all be a little safer as another Gun-Free Zone bites the dust.

The "Gun Free Zone" poster is from the EVERY DAY, NO DAYS OFF gun blog, BTW!

Brother Frank James noted last week that the Spanish gun manufacturer Astra is back, except that now it's Swiss:
It's what I found on page 25 [of the German gun magazine VISIER] however that has me excited. It's a full page for ASTRA, a gun company that is a historic Spanish small arms manufacturer, only now they are located in Switzerland and they are manufacturing 1911 pistols and AR-15's of all things.
In it's day, Astra actually had some pretty cool guns...I remember having a .45  A-80 back in the day when Sig 220s were both unobtainable and ridiculously overpriced if you could get one. Shot pretty good, too. I'd still have it except that somebody wanted it more than I did and had a lightweight Commander to trade.


bluesun said...

Will you think I'm weird if I say that 10/22 pistol is kinda neat, in a horrible sort of way?

Anonymous said...

The Astra site shows no U.S. distribution. Being a Glock guy I can't understand the fascination with the 1911 and an AK serves as my doomsday gun so I don't have an AR either.

CJS3 said...

It would be nice if Astra would bring back some of the more classic designs and sold them in the US.

clark myers said...

Dodge City wasn't a bad place to live on the gun violence issue. Killings as reported to history maxed out at 5 one year in Dodge and one year in Ellsworth during the cattle drive era. I once saw that many one summer within a block radius of our apartment on Chicago's South Side. I'll take Kansas as model park over Chicago, or D.C. or.... anytime.

Windy Wilson said...

Didn't "Streets of Laredo" feature a sporterized Schimidt-Rubin?

PDFletcher said...

From the Official How it Should Have Ended website

Gotta love those Munchkins!

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