Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Video Podcast 022410

Recently, Nationals Parks became subject to state and local firearm laws and obviously these parks didn’t turn into Dodge City. Internet has been buzzing over BATF’s raid at the Sabre Industries facilities. Also…. is Bill O’Reilly a pinhead?


ericire12 said...

Great podcast, Michael.

I am so excited that I now get The Outdoor Channel, and I cant wait to finally get to watch the full run down tonight. :)

*So do I need to put on sunglasses when The Pincus is on or did you guys put the need makeup on his head to keep me from getting blinded? ;)

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly IS a Pin-Head! He actually believes that rights acknowledged in the Constitution / Bill of Rights as God-given are "extreme"! I refer to his recent comments on gun confiscation during Hurricane Katrina and the City of New Orleans' (CONO) confiscation of guns from obviously law abiding citizens. Not only was he wrong, but the NRA's successful lawsuit against CONO for that violation of rights is already old news. So, he is ignorant on two (2) counts at least, on this single incident. He doesn't understand the law and the courts upheld them!
This is another in a long stream of errors that he has committed on his show. He rationalizes his errors by claiming that his show is an "opinion" show. That's a cop-out for giving mis-information.
Life Member

Lawrence said...

he tries too hard to be middle of the road...the only thing that gets someone is hit by oncoming traffic.

Machiavelli's Window said...

Nice shirt, Parrothead.... O'Reilly gets the YELLOW STRIPE AWARD.. for Cowardice V. Courage as an American.