Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Great Day on the Range!

Sadly, can't show you any pictures since we're under a non-disclose, but we shot a ton of video (as well as a ton of OPA, other people's ammunition) for DRTV and we'll have it up before anyone else. There's nothing like having stacks of loaded magazines to fuel the urge to pull the trigger.

Spent a lot of time with my good friend Dave Spaulding talking about training issues,,,I'm going to give it some thought and probably cycle our conversation into an upcoming podcast. Dave is one of the most thoughtful trainers out there, and he has tons of real world experience...we looked pretty weird, out on a darkened range running through different "ready" positions, shoving each other around to see which one worked.

Briefly talked to a SureFire exec on the 60 and 100 round magazines whose pixs have been making the rounds on the Internet...couldn't get any sense of when the hardware would be replacing the vaporware. Soon, I hope...a suppressor, an Aimpoint Micro and a 100-round magazine means even the Mongol Hordes can't make it through your bedroom door with staggering casualties!

More tomorrow....

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DamDoc said...

Michael - related to you recent at&t experience (thought you might be interested in this wsj article):

"Consumer Reports Says AT&T 'Worst-Rated' U.S. Carrier"


I am an iphone user, and love it, but it it amazing how inflexible a "big company" can be.. that is why i work for myself!

Eric said...

New Ruger - revolver or semi-auto?

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