Wednesday, December 22, 2010

True Grit

Watching the John Wayne original so I have a comparison when I see the new one this I the only one who had untoward fantasies about Kim Darby? I met her years later and told her something similar, and her response was something to the effect of, "You and all the other little nerd boys..." mMaybe she said "pathetic" nerd boys...

My Colt Rail Gun is in! I pick it up tomorrow, and if this whacky weather holds I'll get to shoot it Christmas weekend. I'm to have to exercise some restraint over the 100th Anniversary Year, lest I end up with more 1911s than any sane person should have. I wish I had the spare bucks for the Wilson Combat or the incredible Cylinder & Slide recreation...I've been getting bulletins from Bill Laughridge at C&S on thus project, and these 100 guns will be serious heirlooms! I was so impressed thatvwe're going to document the C&S 1911 on DRTV.

The Firearm Blog and lots of other places are reporting on Sig Sauer's introduction of a .50 BMG bolt gun. I'm pulling some strings to see if we can get a DRTV test really soon. BTW, the guys at Burris mentioned today they'd have some high speed, military-grade long range optics to show me at SHOT. Looking forward to it, as I am shopping for a scope for my Barrett.

BTW, I will be carefully following Dr.'s orders on the eye surgery...he's already axed me jumping on the plane the next day and going to Arizona. Maybe not the best plan, now that I think about it. When they did my right eye they wouldn't let me shoot for 2 weeks, since that would be the medical definition of "eye-strain."

And Frank mean there actually are TWO RMR-30s!?!?!?!?

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Frank W. James said...

Michael: Take care of your peepers. I went through that stuff about a year and a half ago.

Reason I know about the RMR-30 is I've been involved in a 'conversation' with them this week.

yeah, I think the RMR-30 has real possibilities, but I don't think the 28 gr. .22 WMR is going to go 2,200 fps out of it. 1,800 fps maybe, but I question if it'll do 2,200.

Essentially I have to wait till after the Shot Show for my turn. You will probably crowd in line in front of me...?....

All The Best,
Frank W. James

DT said...

RMR-30... must have... where do I buy a lottery ticket for one?

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to have fantasies about a character in a movie.

It's another matter altogether to tell the person who gave the performance. Chances are they will have heard it many times before, and it grows old for them.

OTOH, if you wanted to complement them on what a good performance they gave of the character, they probably don't get tired of the complements.


kmitch200 said...

BTW, the guys at Burris mentioned today they'd have some high speed, military-grade long range optics to show me at SHOT.

Nightforce has been building them for years.

Michael Bane said... can tell you've never been a celeb journalist!


Anonymous said...

Heh, just found out that Kim Darby played the mom, Jenny Meyer, in Better Off Dead.


Anonymous said...

They should have had Justin Bieber play Kim Darby's character in the new one.

Wilson said...

"am I the only one who had untoward fantasies about Kim Darby?" No she was a cutie no doubt of that, and she should have took it as a compliment no matter how many times she has heard it.

Unknown said...

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