Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Hidden Bunker Wild Kingdom

Saw a HUGE herd of Elk up near the Secret Hidden Bunker when we took Alf the Wonder Beagle on her walk...easy 50 and maybe as many as double that. Alf, of course, had to be restrained to keep her from bringing down one of the young bulls...she gave her savage war cry, "Arf!" Whichn in beagle translates to, "Are you BACON?" Walking the trail three big cow stragglers jumped the trail, then stood there looking at us. I figured the LCP was a little light for that mission!

We also so a beautiful red fox in full winter coat, noshing down on a squirrel. No kangaroos, though...


Wallaby Jack said...

.... no kangaroos ... ?

... you want some ?

(actually NO, you don't want some)

Gene said...

Note to Michael:

Bring camera on dog walks for cool situations like this. ;)

Home on the Range said...

Spent the night outside of Evergreen on best friend from college's couch a few months back. Woke to see elk in the front yard.

Now I'm back home in IND and I look out to see frozen yard gnomes and corn.

Lucky you.

seeker_two said...

"I figured the LCP was a little light for that mission!"

Where was your Bond .410 Derringer? You could have taken out the entire herd with that?... ;)

Gunmart said...

Bring enough gun!

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