Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Tough Ugly Job

From an OC Ad Department party a couple of weeks ago in California...the things I suffer for my art!

New seasons of SHOOTING GALLERY and THE BEST DEFENSE will be coming up end of this month...I think you guys are going to be really pleased with the "kicked up a notch" seasons.

AM hoping to get to a cowboy match this Saturday if the good weather holds. I'm going to take a couple of T&E guns out to the range as well.

I dropped off the slide for my Ruger SR9c with Dave Biggers from XS Sights last week to have a Big Dot Tritium XS system installed. I'm also thinking of overhauling a full-sized SR9 to see if I can get a sort of uber-service pistol, similar to what Robbie Barkmann has done with Glocks. Ghost Inc. is now making SR9 trigger bars, and my friend Dave Spaulding has great things to say about them. Wayne Novak has his sight system for SR9s now. Maybe a few nor changes on the grip...some minor alterations on the thumb safety might be in order.


Anonymous said...

I installed a Ghost trigger bar on my SR9 and it is awesome. Trigger is smoother and much lighter.

Joe said...

Should we start calling you "Charlie" Bane?

shawn said...

more bosley than charlie i suspect.

Wallaby Jack said...

Yeah ........ Bosley ...

gunman42782 said...

I feel so sorry for you Mike!

Mossyrock said...


Do you even USE the safety on the SR9?

Gunmart said...

I always did love to see chicks with guns!

Anonymous said...

Did these bright bulbs make the typical girl sounds when pretending to shoot guns?

Metalchemist said...

So where are the guns?
I love to see Babes with guns, especally with ones that go bang!

Then again it is Commiefornia.
I know it ALL to well....I'm being held economic captive here.

Acta Non Verba!
Semper Peratus.

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