Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'll Be Back in the Saddle Soon,

Honest. These 12 hour days and the travel schedule have me off blogging. He'll, the Sweetie and I had to stay up until the wee hours to get the Christmas tree up!

Promise, I'll be back to a regular schedule soon!

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Anonymous said...

"I had to stay up until the wee hours to get the Christmas tree up!"

TMI is all I have to say... :)

Stephen King said...

Take it easy Michael...I want to have a beer with you at SHOT!

Anonymous said...

Your definition of regular would still kill many of us. :)
Tom Bogan

Anonymous said... are the Christmas tree photos?

Anonymous said...

Just don't burn yourself out! There is a limit to what a good man like you can accomplish. Focus on quality, as you always do, and we will be satisfied with slightly less quantity. Honest!
Life Member

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