Friday, December 10, 2010

Meanwhile, Back in the Tundra...

It's snowing sideways...have to say it was great to have a few days that didn't involve snow shovels and Michelin Man outerwear.

RE: my last post, the Scrambler at GUNSITE has eaten my lunch with any number of guns over the years. I like it as a baseline because it has steel targets from (I think) 69 to 110 yards, with shooting positions from offhand to prone. It's a very simple course — run there, shoot that — but surprisingly challenging. I guess the best thing to say about the course is that i have learned something new about my shooting every time I've run it.

I'm a big fan of the lever gun as a defensive tool (I thought you all knew!). In fact, one of my RATs, readily accessible tools, is a Marlin 1894 in .44 Magnum, loaded with Black Hills 240-gr JHPs. Couple of years ago we did a SHOOTING GALLERY on using the lever gun in a combatives context. We had another one scheduled for this year, but at the last minutes Marlin had some issues. We'll definitely be doing lever gun combatives for 2012 SG. BTW, if you're interested in making a few minor changes to make the lever gun even more useful, check out XS Sights. They also offer a couple of rail systems for for both traditionally mounted and scout mounted scopes on the Marlin.

One of these days I'll set up my house Marlin for a scout-mounted red dot...maybe a Trijicon with a red "donut" reticle which I've found to be very very fast to acquire. I've been a fan of the scout rifle concept since I borrowed Col. Cooper's original Steyr Scout .308 to shoot the GUNSITE hunting simulation course years and years ago. I was very surprised at how quick I could acquire the target and get the shots off with that little Leupold 2.5X scout scope on Col. Cooper's rifle. Of course, the likelihood of me paying $2000+ for the Steyr was somewhere between slim and none, and Slim done left town!


Gene said...

Talk about serendipity!

I just recieved Shooting Gallery 2009 yesterday as one of my Christmas gifts and the first thing I watched was the Lever Action for Self Defense segment.

After watching it, I ran over the the Swanson Tactical website for info on the class, but they didn't have any listed. :(

I look forward to your 2012 coverage of the self defense levergun.

Dave S. said...

How about the Savage Scout? Saw one at the toy store yesterday. Felt very light and handy. You can even get a nine-round mag for it if you don't mind springing $80.

I think it was a tad south of $700, comes with iron sights (aperture rear, ramp front) and a forward rail. I was very tempted.

Wilson said...

That is a awesome looking rifle! I assume that it shoots as good as it looks!

Whit Spurzon said...

The levergun episode was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

so a Steyr is not worth 2k, but you spend how much on a pair of boots?

You should have gotten in on it when Steyr USA sold their entire inventory to CDNN when the new owner took over a couple years ago, scouts were below cost (don't remember how much but it was cheap).

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