Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let There Be (Florescent) Light!

Sorry...spent all day working in the gunroom, getting the lights hooked up and hung and getting started on reorganizing. It got to a point where I could barely stand it...I bet you all know how tha song goes.

Lot of buzz on the Scout Rifle. Be sure to check ou Brother Jeff Quinn's review at GunBlast.

The laminated wood stock was a 2-fold decision...Ruger does those stocks in house, so the cost is significantly lower than purchasing a synthetic...remember, we put a $1000 absolute max on the price. That price is consistent with current bolt gun prices...I just did a check on Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Kimber and Savage. Yes, there are the cheap-ass versions for big box stores...perfect if you like birch and 5 MOA! Realistically, a grand MSRP is baseline. Secondly, none of us liked the Steyr stock and the amazing falling magazine.

I bemoan the absence of the 3rd sling swivel for one of Andy's Ching slings, but that is easily fixable. The decision was because the placement of the 3rd swivel drew complaints from a lot of Ruger's testers who didn't want to use the Ching. In wringing out the rifles, we used Galco Safari Slings. I intend to change out the swivels for the (more expensive) flush mounts, add the 3rd swivel and use one of Andy's slings.

No provision for stripper clips, although we looked at a couple of options.Again, expense considerations. The main reason for the Scout forward mount was to allow the shooter to use both eyes in sighting...takes some getting used to, but is fast fast fast.

Re: M1A clips, a few years back Robbie Barkkmann at RoBar, one of the finest gunsmiths in the worked, fitted M1A mags to .308 bolt guns...he stopped because of magazine variation issues ("A big pain in the butt," I think was how he worded it). I'd really wanted the M1A mags, but the AI at least are to a standard, not a pure proprietary mag (I flayed FNH over the proprietary mags for the FNAR, an otherwise superb rifle).

I didn't have a chance to chrono...the preliminary work at Ruger and Gunsite put the velocities of most match and hunting loads above the magic 2500 gps number, but I'll run my own when I get the chance.


Anonymous said...

I do think the effect of the short 16" barrel length on .308 velocity is one issue on which people will want more info.

Velocity and muzzle blast / flash.

Hopefully these issues will be discussed on next Wednesday's DR Radio podcast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael

I have had the bug for a 308 for a while, although I have been more on the idea of a semi auto. This handy bolt gun definitely has its place too.

Mossyrock said...

Thanks for addressing the sling issue. A friend and I both had the same question regarding the Ching. If I get one (don't know that I need another Scout), a Ching Sling will be the first thing added after the scope.

seeker_two said...

None of these things are deal-killers for me....but I'm surprised that Ruger can do a laminate stock cheaper than a polymer one. But I'm not complaining...Ruger has the best-looking laminates on the market...

Anonymous said...

How about a .223 version that takes AR15 magazines with a 1-8" twist for the heavy bullets..

Anonymous said...

is the barrel free floating ? if not, it should be.. The wood stock makes glass bedding easy, and would improve the accuracy.. and i am sure the after market will supply syn stocks..

Clint1911 said...

What would be the point of a 5.56 model?

There are plenty of lightweight .223 varmint rifles on the market and you can buy a Mini-14 or AR-15 for home defense.

The only advantage of a small-bore version is so you can shoot 50-100 rounds in one range session with being sore the next day. High round counts are NOT what rifle marksmanship is about.

A scout rifle is not a bullet hose..

Beaumont said...

The single-column mag appears to be nearly as long as a 20-rd. M1A or FAL mag. I confess I'm not seeing the appeal of the AI mag, since one could argue that it is indeed proprietary. BTW, what about FAL mags?

Anonymous said...

(Drooling... because I want one of the sdcout rifles)

My New Years resolution is the same as last years.
Simply put:
"Buy more guns and ammunition."
So far there's two in my sights.
Time to contact my FFL contact.
(Maybe I should just get the danged FFL license...)

kmitch200 said...

The main reason for the Scout forward mount was to allow the shooter to use both eyes in sighting...takes some getting used to, but is fast fast fast.

Why not use a properly mounted scope and shoot with both eyes open?
What is the advantage of the forward mount?

It is NOT a requirement to close one eye with a scope!

Anonymous said...

If not M1A mags, why not build for the SR25 mags and use PMAGS?

They already use PMAGS for their AR, why not for their bolt rifle?

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting the what the problem is with magazine "inconsistencies". How does the US military get around the "magazine issue"? They use M14 magazines. M1A's use magazines too. Maybe I've missed any data that shows there's a problem.

Life Member

FFL Dealer Locator said...


In December 2010, Sturm, Ruger and Co., Inc. introduced the Gunsite Scout Rifle, a compact bolt action chambered for the .308 Winchester, it is a super-robust system with the best case extraction system ever devised. The medium contour barrel measures only 16.5 inches, a big asset in the tight confines of modern patrol vehicles. Thanks a lot.

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