Thursday, December 09, 2010

Interestingly Enough...

...I just ran the Scrambler carbine course at GUNSITE with a bolt gun with a scope and I ended up 10 seconds faster than I dud a couple of weeks ago with an AR carbine and a Trijicon "donut" site...hmmmmm...I'll have to think on this....

In any case, Marshal Halloway and I did a great piece (we think) with Dave Spaulding that we should have upon DRTV soon...a must see on mindset...

-- Post From The Road


Rob Robideau said...

Tell Dave I said Hi!

iainmcphersn said...

Sounds like you have programmed the course so you can optimize your run. I suspect you might run it faster with the AR now as well.

Good stuff either way. It's still the archer. :)

John Richardson said...

Never forget that the Scout Rifle concept originated with Col. Cooper! I doubt he would have been surprised by your times.

Anonymous said...

Gee, its like all history started in 1980. Waz up wid dat? Come on, really.

Has anyone heard of the Meuse-Argonne or Belleau Wood? Those doughboys and jarheads were running and gunning with....suprise...bolt guns.

Anonymous said...

i always run any course better the second time. It's called warming up... now if only my local idpa club would let me have a practice run first...

Anonymous said...

Now give it a try with a Marlin 336 30/30 and a Fastfire red dot. Oh wait, I just described the ultimate "back to the future" $500 assault rifle.

Kevin said...

I HATE that course. Everything goes to hell every time I've run it.

Caleb said...

It kind of makes sense, actually. The Scrambler isn't really a "run and gun" course in the sense that need fast follow up shots or multiple hits, but it emphasizes single, accurate shots on distant or partially occluded targets. A bolt gun with a good optic would probably be the best rifle for that.

DamDoc said...

The scope helps us guys with old eyes... Sad, but true,and better that the alternative!

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