Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Dawn @ Another Airport!

Am in danger of drifting off at any moment...hoping to stay awake long enough to make the plane. Had a nice dinner last night with Joyce Wilson of IDPA, the Panteao guys -- Fernando Cohelo, Tom Yost & "Super" Dave Harrington -- my friend Paul Erhardt, When the Balloon Goes Up blogger Ron Larimer and our official IDPA "Crash Test Dummy " Katie Rowe. Was big fun...stupid stories abound! 

While I'm sleeping my way across the country, read this cool piece in The Captain's Journal blog: "Save the planet - Buy an AR!" You KNOW where I stand on that!

Well, first in order to correct some misconceptions, it is simply a farce to claim that gun ownership is declining in America.  Second – and let me be clear about this – magazine capacity is a non-negotiable.  But third, note the use of the AR to save the terrain, protect indigenous species, protect the plant life, prevent erosion, and save the farmers.

It’s like the health benefits of red wine or coffee.  Is there anything an AR can’t do?

Read the whole thing...


That Guy said...

Thanks for that link on the hogs. Linked it:

Anti Money Laundering said...

It's a pleasure for me reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bane, I found a song for your podcast

- Grizzly Dave

"gunner" said...

looks like a spammer there who learned to speak "engrish" somewhere where they don't speak english.