Saturday, March 02, 2013

First Run on New Clay Pot

It's Fresh Cod Roasted on a Bed of Potatoes and Olives, from the MEDITERRANEAN CLAY POT COOKBOOK (page 65), by Paula Wolfert. Wonderful! And the suitably cured cazuela was super to cook in. I promise, sooner or later I will get back to guns! Was on the phone today with Tom Yost planning out our joint video on "Training With a .22," which we'll be filming later this month for Panteao. I'm also going to spend some time in the near future with Daniel Defense...while I'm in Georgia I'm going to grovel for a .300 Blackout upper...I thought I had one all locked up at my pal Alan's LGS, but it got sold out from under me...sigh. I have a .300 SBR upper, but I'm waiting for paper to clear on that one.

I also have a Wilson Combat .458 Socom upper that I am really looking forward to working with, assuming I can find either the ammo or enough brass to tinker some together.

Did I mention I bought a new hat in New Orleans? A Grenadier "Henry Jones" from Goorbin. My head was cold, and this looked like a great knockaround hat. Sooner or later I will track down and capture a Herbert Johnson "Poet," damn it!


SJPrice said...


Considering the strong odor of "liberal" blowing out of Colorado lately, it is nice to see you are cooking up some sweeter aroma's. Bon A Petit!

Anonymous said...

I have a .458 SOCOM too, Michael. Makes my AR15 everything it should have been all along. Mine loves every handload I send through it... 300s, 350s, 405s... it doesn't matter. It seems to have a *slight* preference for Lil' Gun over IMR 4198... but the improvement in accuracy is slight. The gun just loves everything I send downrange. So... you're going with a .300 AAC? I'm sniffing at it, so to speak; what helped you make your decision to go with it?


JohninMd.(HELP!) said...

Hey, Micheal; back here in Mordor, a lot of rumint goin' around that Barretta USA _WILL_ pull out of Md. if O'Malley's guano is passed. They apparently have turned down exemptions in the law. W.Va. has made overtures to the company, and that's 2,000 skilled jobs/taxpayers gone bye-bye. Do you have any solid intel?

Anonymous said...

Good luck today. The entire country is watching Colorado.

kmitch200 said...

Captain Traitor aka Mark Kelly will be talking in the CO meetings to reduce our rights.
I wonder if he'll bring along his "Jim Brady" wife to pull those heart strings.

Anonymous said...

MB my condolences. Looks like these gun bills are going to the full Senate now and will be passed.

Sad that a once independent state, upholding true Western values has now fallen in the battle for America. Maybe in a generation or two it will be resurrected. I won't be alive to see it, but somewhere there might be a monument erected to recall the time of freedom and its demise. Maybe the roads into Colorado should read "welcome to the home of the Eloi".