Friday, March 22, 2013

Four Minute Dinner...

...okay, just a short recipe. Since it's Friday my Sweetie and I whipped up a 4-minute dinner...well, 4 minute cooking time. Yellowfin tuna, rubbed on one side with a spice mix of 1 1/2 New Mexico red dried chili and 2 teaspoons of black peppercorns ground together (a Bobby Flay trick), then sautéed in 1/4 cup of olive oil in a cast iron skillet (high heat, 1 minute on the rubbed side; lower heat to medium and flip the tuna, 3 minutes); veggie = bok choy stir-fried with large chunks of onion, with toasted sesame oil added at the last minute; homemade French bread toasted with garlic ( gotta make the bread the day before). A selection of beer from Oscar Blues microbrewery.

I've got a couple of cool gun bags I want to talk about on the podcast next week. One is the totally cool Trojan Horse long gun case from Comp-Tac, which is just about perfect for carting one of the dread "assault rifles" around without everyone screaming, running, hiding, pulling out their hair. sacrificing their children on the alter of Marduk and falling stricken to the ground.
Hey, it really really looks like a sports bag! I'll definitely be using this for car trips with the DoubleStar C3 and as many freakin' 30-round magazines as I can carry! I'm also trying out Blue Force Gear's Hive satchel:

Of course, I look nowhere as cool as Chris Costa, but hey, who does? Well, maybe Joelle Carter, who plays Ava on JUSTIFIED:

She could carry just about any bag she wanted and look like, well, Ava. But I digress. I'm going to try it on the snowy trail this weekend with Alf the Wonder Beagle. The Taurus Judge ought to fit just about perfect, and I'll add weight to the pack to push me a little. I just got my Ruger LC9 from Galloway, this is a SLICK trigger! I can't wait to shoot it! I also got one of the new Blade-Tech appendix holsters for the little gun. I think I'm going to send my SR9c to Galloway.

I'm hoping my TAVOR SAR is in the mail, so to speak...that bullpup would work perfect in the Comp-Tac sports bag. Maybe I'll order another dozen E-LANDER standard capacity magazines for it in happy, joyous anticipation.

Long, snowy weekend ahead...hoping I can get to the range next week and maybe get some rounds through the new FNH TSR at 200 yards. If you insist, I'll give you the recipe for my catfish wirth Cajun mustard in a clay pot. Or not.


Gary B. said...

Degressing with Joelle Carter, who plays Ava on JUSTIFIED couldn't be all bad. Just enjoy that show. Say that Ruger mini was a nice touch in last weeks episode.
I to have looking to get the Galloway trigger job on my LC9. Will be looking for your thoughts.

AK Matt said...

While I've used tennis racket bags for folding stock AKs and longer baseball bat/Velcro seamed camp chair bags for full length rifles, my current favorite is the Emdom GYM-E bag with a folding stock AK. It looks like a gym bag which I pull off better than a tennis racket bag. The GYM-E allows me to place the support gear in it so that I have an all in one solution. The divider allows me to place a chest rig next to the rifle in the main compartment. It works well as a mag pouch insert accessible through the top zipper while in the bag, but gives me the option of pulling out and putting on the rig if things ever got really bad. The back end compartment has my trauma kit as the front one actually covers the grip of the rifle for quick access. The slip pocket carries my rifle maintenance kit. My only complaints are that it is easy to overload (hehe that's my fault) and I can only use a 5/10 round magazine in the rifle to have a no-snag deployment. When I finally reboot my humble blog again, I'll do a more in-depth review.

For my Sub2000 or those that have SBRs, I use a 5.11 Tactical Sling Bag which has a neat (weapon) sling attachment point inside along with quick pull tabs. The strap pocket can also be removed and be used as 5.11's newer non-traditional fanny pack, it is two products in one.

5.11 also has a "Covrt" M4 bag that is an updated version of the Sneaky Bags' rifle pack that is in turn being copied by UTG with their "ABC" bag. These are like a skateboard/snowboard bag. If I was using a non-folding stock rifle like an AR, I would probably go that route.

There are also the rectangular bags like Cav-Arms Discreet Rifle bag. To me though, these look off enough from standard bags to raise little more attention.

Anonymous said...

Its not us using gym equipment that will do the magic. What we need to do is convince the pro tennis crowd to start carrying their rackets around in tactical sacks. If Serena or Rafa do it then overnite it will change the perception of the public.

Sdv1949 said...

I've had the Trojan Horse bag for about a month ever since I saw it over at Oleg's place. Very nice stiff construction without being too solid. Divider down the middle so it's loaded with an EBR complete with optic and 30 round P-mag inserted on one side and a bandoleer with 6 more mags on the other. Hit the zipper and you're good to go.

It's very nice.

_DonWorsham_ said...

I'll take the catfish recipe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah c'mon! Where's the catfish recipe?

Life Member

P. S.: It seems that tilapia has displaced farm-raised catfish as a great freshwater fish around here.

Frank Nelson said...

Nice bad... whatever. Beautiful woman. I'd give up all my guns for one night with Joelle Carter... OK, one night one gun... that'll take us into Christmas, assuming she has other stuff to do.

BBJohnnyT said...

For covert carry of my AR, I've used for years a tie died yoga mat bag with a couple hippie peace patches ironed on for good measure. One layer of a cut down yoga mat helps keep its tubular shape. At about 25 inches long and 8 inches in diameter, it's the perfect size for a broken down AR.

"All war is deception" - Sun Tzu

Tara said...

I love Justified - awesome show.