Friday, April 05, 2013

A Diana DeGette MUST READ!

From Rocky Mountain Right blog, the Diana DeGette Guide to Gun Safety:
This is a diagram of an AR-15. Guns work by using the spring in the magazine to detonate the black powder inside the long tube at the end. The proton pack generates a powerful electromagnetic field that helps propel the bullet down the tube where it then exits and murders someone. Sometimes people murder each other with shotguns, which are similar to the AR-15 but have laser sights and vent holes.
Read the whole thing, and prepare to spew milk out your nose. LOL!

Interesting piece from Caleb at Gun Nuts Media on "tiers" of AR quality. Read it here. I don't necessarily agree, which, hey, will give me something else to talk about on Monday's podcast! Actually I have a ton of stuff on the list. I just started working with the DoubleStar C3 (Constant Carry Carbine) on 50-yard drills with the irons (Magpul MBUS). I love this gun! You throw it up to your shoulder and run it.

The short 7-inch Ace stock takes about 5 minutes to get used to...especially if you're used to reach way far out there on a mid-length handguard. At 5.5 pounds, the C3 is like running a big pistol. I didn't do any of the stuff you're supposed to do with a new gun...I didn't take it apart, meticulously measure each part, blah blah. I took it out of the box, sprayed some Ballistol on the bolt and cranked it up with Corbon match 55-grainers (my last 100 of those particularly wonderful rounds). Sights were a little low at 50, but there's an Aimpoint Micro in this baby's future (yes, I have old eyes!). The only other thing I'd add is a sling, maybe Kyle Lamb's lightweight bungee sling.

Is the C3 to do-all and be-all of ARs? Of course not. But I believe the C3 perfectly fills the niche of car/travel rifle (a niche I've been filling with a Rock River Arms LAR-PDS AR-15 pistol). The C3 with its short entry stock perfectly fits in the new Comp-Tac "Trojan Horse" rifle case, which I think is definitely a "product of the year." I only wish it came in fetching colors...maybe puce. Seriously, since I "went viral" and started chalking up illiterate death threats, I've found myself traveling more and more with a rifle (something my friend John Farnam suggested I start doing years ago). The C3/"Trojan Horse" combination (along with the requisite selection of P-Mags — 30 rounds! Run! Hide! Call Governor Hickenloopy!) is a perfect travel companion.


shawn w said...

do you folks out there celebrate April fool's day on the 4th?

this can't be real.

also, would have held on to those corbon's. quality ammo is so hard to come by.

how did it shoot once you were dialed in?

Overload in Colorado said...

Bungee and Sling are two words that shouldn't be used together, but I guess it depends on what you use the sling for. I tried one and it had the gun bouncing around as I moved.

For a travel rifle, isn't size more important than weight? I would think a folding stock AR like the Sig 556 or the stillborn Para TTR, an M1 Carbine with the airborne stock or Mini 14 with Choate stock would be good choices. I've used a keltec su-16, and it ran fine, but felt less than solid. A bullpup would be another good choice, but are longer than the folders listed above.

Anonymous said...

Michael, Kinda off subject but did you see the news story. On the school that took down a picture of Jesus that had been hanging there since the 40's because school board was threaten with a law suite ( 5 people had complained ) because it was a violation of the constitution. Do you know of any law suit against the state for violations of the second because the second has not been changed yet and the band is a infringement?

Sdv1949 said...


The Trojan Horse case also fits my RRA Mid-4 with a RedDot sight installed and a 30 round Pmag inserted. The other pocket holds a bandoleer with six more loaded Pmags.

That's one big can of whoop-ass.

Michael Bane said...

Overload, I think size and weight are a toss-up as to importance. Size is the big issue for me in car travel; weight in air travel. The otherwise excellent Para TTR for some perverse reason came with the World's Heaviest Folding Stock...made one pine for an FAL Para.

The Trojan Horse is such a perfect size and configuration for urban carry . I think it'll work with any collapsable stock/16-inch barrel platform.

I built an AR for travel with a removable barrel, but the barrel attachment system was basically a concrete block. Even with a polymer lower, it topped 6 pounds by a good bit.

Be hard to beat an MI Carbine with it's para stock. I've got an ancient Mini-14...if I stumble onto a Choate folder I might give it a try. I still think a breakdown Winchester '92 in .44 Magnum or, better yet, a breakdown Savage 99 in .308 would travel well and be a little safer in antigun states than an AR.


nj larry said...

Can you pls describe the use of a rifle for "urban carry"? Also can you quantify and document the actual incidents where this is used in the USA on a yearly basis?

Anonymous said...

njlarry. the use would be self defense. For quantification, just look at the secret service and any other executive protection detail. They employ light compact "urban rifles" everyday for the defense of others and themselves.

Caleb said...

Okay, even I have to admit that the concept of a handy little AR carbine like this Doublestar C3 is pretty hot.