Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Historic Day

A day when demagoguery failed and, amazingly, principles ruled in Washington. Man, I never thought we'd get here, especially after the heartbreaking loss of Colorado!

Yes, the fight will go on, but here is what I believe...if our blood enemies couldn't shove through their civilian disarmament agenda in this superheated, media-saturated, incredibly vicious environment, they can never get it. The President lost his temper and those off-the-teleprompter remarks did even more damage to the civilian disarmament cause going forward. He truly hates us.

It's easy for the progressives to talk about how this will be a defining issue for the Democrats in 2014 and beyond, but look at today's Gallup poll...only 4% of Americans thank "gun control" is an important problem. Think that number is likely to rise as we move toward 2014, with the evolving ObamaCare disaster, the emergence of new terrorist threats and the slow-motion economic train wreck? North Koreans are threatening to nuke us, the Boston marathon bombings have driven a spike of fear into everyday life in America, the real unemployment rate is a national disaster, on this anniversary week of the birth of our country people are profoundly afraid for the future...and they are voting with their wallets at gun stories around the country.

I think the single deciding factor was that all these tired, rehashed civilian disarmament proposals wouldn't do a DAMN THING to protect us from spree killers, evil men and women or even criminals. They are nothing but the first steps that will inevitably, invariably lead to door-to-door confiscations of our firearms, and the people of America fundamentally understand this! That has always been the end game, and nothing has changed.

Today was a great victory for all of us, the much maligned "little people" who called and emailed and wrote and attended town hall meetings and made sure that OUR VOICES WERE HEARD!

On a local note, if I was a Democrat in Colorado I might be thinking about a new line of work. Instead of leading the nation in a brave new world of gun control, Governor Hickenstoopid and his Bloomberg whores are out there all by their lonesomes...

BTW, brace yourself for some executive orders...I think the most "at risk" are imported guns and magazines...and considering that Italy-based Mec-Gar supplies a large of end-user mags, this could have a big effect.

UPDATE: Here's an excellent summation from Charles Cooke at NRO:
As they regroup, gun restrictionists might look at their tactics. The shiny new Gun-Control Thesaurus, in which “gun control” was seamlessly replaced by “gun safety,” “gun-violence prevention,” and “gun responsibility,” did nothing much to help their cause. Likewise, supplanting the already misleading term “assault weapon” with “weapon of war,” “military weapon,” or “combat weapon.” Advocates’ penchant for the wider culture war led them to vilify gun-rights advocates as ridiculous or paranoid and to cast basic liberties as antithetical to the interests of the nation’s children, turning potential allies off and leading to 52 percent of Americans’ disapproving of how the president dealt with the issue.  
 The public quickly switched off. Try as they might, nobody on the restrictionists’ side could get past the fact that laws banning assault weapons, limiting magazine size, and forcing background checks upon all gun transfers would do nothing to stop maniacs. They could not present ploys such as “if it can save one life . . . ” without looking manipulative and desperate.
Read the whole thing. In fact, read the whole NRO gun control special. Here's the liberal perspective from The National Journal:
Obama’s team took news of the defeat hard Wednesday, with some advisers predicting that gun regulation won’t be revived. It is hard for them to explain the failure of a measure supported by 90 percent of the public without making the president appear weak.
Note that the spin at end where Republicans (and the red state Dems) will "pay" for their votes...hey, hold your breath on that! Bitter at SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED has some very perceptive points on today's vote that's definitely worth reading...especially for those of us in Colorado.

According to the president, no one honestly questioned the merits of his proposals; the opposition all "came down to politics," meaning a desperate desire to retain power. His opponents not only failed to make a convincing case, he says; they offered "no coherent arguments" at all. Since Obama's case for gun control consisted mainly of invoking dead children and grieving parents, that charge displays an astonishing lack of self-awareness.
Am I the only one who's tired of this lying joke of a President accusing everyone else of lying? And an apt comment from Tam at VIEW FROM THE PORCH:
Team Gun Control is positively frothing on Facebook. If I had a car that ran on hippie tears, I'd be set for years.


fuzzy said...

What a day! Thank you for your part, and I'm sorry that Colorado felt the need to jump off the deep end.

"The President lost his temper and those off-the-teleprompter remarks did even more damage to the civilian disarmament cause going forward."

I think I missed this, is this in reference to part of the after-the-vote speech?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do to preserve and enhance the 2nd Amendment. Your leadership is deeply appreciated.

DamDoc said...

Margarita Wednesday?

Anomly said...

Mr. Bane, You're right. Obama hates us. We must be doing something right.

Steve said...

I'm a little confused. No amendments were added to the main bill, but the main bill is still alive and will be voted on next week. Isn't it too early to celebrate? Or am I misunderstanding what happened?

I too missed Obuma's angry responce. Can you post a link?

Anonymous said...

Some key points from Obama's response; para-phrased:

"The NRA lied. They told un-truths. They distorted the facts. They said that we were going to register guns, but it clearly said that we can't. 90% of Americans wanted us to pass the bill. 40% of Americans want gun-control. Etc...."

This was all in the shadow of the Senate Leader, Harry Reed saying just the day before, that he would set up that vote on the "ANTI-GUN BILLS"! that's right, he, Harry Reed-himself said it, "The Anti-Gun Bills"

Also, the day before on Cam and Company, an attorney and legal expert said that having read the part of the bill that prevented setting up a "gun registry" concluded that it emphatically said that the Justice Department, Eric Holder's group (FBI, BATF&E, etc.) could not do so. BY SAYING IT THAT WAY, IT MADE IT LEGAL FOR ANYONE ELSE TO DO IT! Can you say "HHS", "IRS", or State Department?

Yesterday, we also heard a Congressman saying that in the shadow of the Boston Marathon bombing, "We have had enough and need to get rid of the Second Amendment. It's time for it to go", or something close to that affect.

We all need to present the facts as our offense. We are beyond simply defending ourselves. We need to keep all of these facts out in front of our fellow Americans. They're smart enough to make their own decisions. We need to show how they will be affected, either way. This includes the mishandling of our economy and the completely failed ObamaCare Plan.

Life Member

Boat Guy said...

People can "pity" us here all they want for "jumping off the deep end"; it was more like "pushed" by the "party in power". I'm circulating petitions to recall CO "Senator" John Morse and I understand folks are doing the same in Hudak's district. If we don't get them recalled then we shouldn't be pitied so much as reviled.

Rastus said...

MB where can we donate to Colorado's cause to roll back these laws?

Uno Mas said...


Thank YOU, Indiana Jackson, ALF, and your crew for all your efforts!

I wish I was going to Houston for the NRA Annual Meeting, so I could buy YOU a beer.

Here in Californiastan, we've got a tough fight ahead of us. Too the good, we've got your example.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the anti-gunners took the art of corpse dancing to a whole new level :-(


Anonymous said...

"An Historic Day"

Actually the correct usage is "a historic day". It's been a misconception forever that "an" goes with "historic", but it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry that Colorado felt the need to jump off the deep end."

We didn't jump off the deep end. We just have an infestation of Blue Meanies

Steve said...

I just read that Ried pulled the main bill. WooHoo!

Michael Bane said...

We will rectify the situation in Colorado in 2014...note to Colorado Democrats..."we're comin,' and HELL is comin' with us!" No punches pulled; no "mutual respect," none of the happy crap these fools spouted in the People's House in Denver...we despise these clowns and our entire plan is to call them out and show their constituents what a bunch of losers, swine and whores they are.

The 2014 campaign in Colorado will make history.


LarryArnold said...

[I think the single deciding factor was that all these tired, rehashed civilian disarmament proposals wouldn't do a DAMN THING to protect us from spree killers, evil men and women or even criminals.]

That's half of it. The other part is that, unlike 1994, we have this internet thingy. When the anti-gun folks called for a "dialogue" they didn't expect us to be able to respond. But we did, pointing out things like Connecticut already having an AWB, which did squat to protect the kids at Sandy Hook.