Saturday, April 20, 2013

Alf Has a Head Cold...

...well, some sort of virus, so she's coughing and as pathetic as only a small beagle can be. Probably needs the miraculous Bacon Cure. So most of the day was driving down the hill to the vet to get appropriate doggie drugs for the ailing Alf, then stopping off for a chicken burrito and a Black Aria "Baltic Porter" at one of Boulder's endless hippie joints. What I had planned to do was reload .44 Russians and/or fix the case feeder on my Dillon .45 ACP reloader. Dillon sent me all the appropriate parts some time back, but I haven't yet tortured it into working. Maybe tomorrow.

Pretty good piece from Herschel Smith at the Captain's Journal titled, quite appropriately, "ALL YOUR GUN BASE ARE BELONG TO US:"
I know, you don’t want to believe that the polls are badly misleading when they ask about those ethereal platitudes, as opposed to when the specifics are presented, complicating things for you. You don’t want to believe it even when your own press tells you this. So the 90%+ number must be right, and the evil NRA is to blame, or your own tactics, or lack of money, or something like that. It cannot be that the people aren’t interested in your gun control measures.
Read the whole thing.

I also want to send you to Kevin Reeve's blog at OnPoint Tactical. He has a great entry on how to stay safe in crowds, which is very consistent with what we've taught on THE BEST DEFENSE and on DOWN RANGE Radio. I would very much like to take OnPoint's Urban Escape and Evasion course...with a little luck I can get that on my schedule later this year. One change I am making is adding trauma kits with tourniquet dedicated to each car, augmenting the smaller first aid kits...maybe the Blue Force NOW! and the optional tourniquet.


"gunner" said...

my "ranger" barks "take good care of alf", and sends get well wishes.

Moosejaw said...

to answer the 'all your gun base..'
from Limbaugh this past week:

"There's a Gallup poll out. "Only 4% of Americans Think Gun Control is an Important Problem." Only 4%! After all the Newtown stuff on Air Force One. After all the so-called lobbying. After all of the caring. After all of the attention. After all of the focus. Only 4% of the American people think gun control is an important problem, but the people in Washington do not care. We've got Dingy Harry out talking about the anti-gun bill, letting the cat out of the bag. And that has always been the point, folks.

These polls saying that 90% of Americans believe in universal background checks, not true. They ignore the fact that nearly 100% of Americans do not think this is an issue. Only 4% of Americans think gun control's an important problem. Can I talk to you about disconnect? If you turn on the media, if you listen to it, read it, watch it, all you'll think is going on is gun control and immigration. Alternate hours, alternate days, gun control here, immigration there. The next hour, immigration, then gun control."

DamDoc said...

Sammy the yellow lab and phoebe (fee-bitty) the jack russell wish alf's fast recovery as well!

Obake said...

I have had the chance to work with the TK-4, C.A.T, and SOF-T wide tourniquets. The SOF-T wide is the best in the group. It has the ability to be easily applied to a limb even if it is pinned under an object. It does not use Velcro like the C.A.T. which can become useless when dirty, muddy or bloody. It also does not require that a user wrap the tourniquet around a limb repeatedly like the TK-4. Lastly it can be applied one handed very quickly. I learned about these tourniquets from Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics in the DFW area. Here is one supplier of the SOF-T:

Tom From Roanoke said...

Get well soon Alf TWB, many of us think the world of your owners.

Boat Guy said...

We use OTC allergy medicines on our Airedales. Benedryl in particular seems to work well. One 25 mg tablet per 25 pounds weight every twelve hours.
What the hell did people plant here in CO while I was gone? We've all got significant allegies much of the year