Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We are ALL the NRA!


J. Dock said...

Damn right!

Let the panic selling begin!!!

And see you in Houston!

Anonymous said...

One fails; we all fail!

One goes down; we all go down!

One stands up for our rights; we all stand together!


Life Member

Ron said...

Let's keep our heads on straight boys. This recent attempt will not be the last I suspect. The next "attempt" may be a bit more sneaky. We may have won this fight,,, but the battle will continue on. Remember to stay in this battle & don't let you guard down for a minute.

Frank Nelson said...

In light of the bombings at the Boston Marathon it's hoped that the good Senators will take up the cause of Pressure Cooker control and limits on "Tactical Black bags." No honest women needs a pressure cooker larger than two quarts or a "tactical black bag" larger than 1000 cu in. Owning anyone of these items should require a background check, registration and a Federal buy back program should be enacted for all pressure cookers and bags that violate the size. Something also needs to be done about the illicit trade of pressure cookers at flea markets and home and garden shows. If we can save just one life it will be worth it. Thank you for your time.

DamDoc said...

Savor the moment! After listening to half of Obo's hurt dance hissy fit, I think it is clear. We are being painted as the new Jews. A grand battle has been won, but the war has only started. We are being denigrated to soften our resolve, and to divid the herd. It is the Alinsky way. Pause and savor the victory, but understand their strategy. They have not surrendered, they are only paused. We must stay strong and fight lies with the truth, conversation by conversation, letter by letter, email by email.
Tomorrow we fight again at first light. The battle of the states is now on. Join or Die!