Thursday, April 04, 2013

Planning Planning Planning...

So we have a working plan for SHOOTING GALLERY, and staring tomorrow will begin calendaring the filming schedule. Competition-wise, we're looking at the inaugural IDPA Back-Up Gun championships, a really cool .22 LR challenge in conjunction with the Ruger Rimfire Worlds episode, an excellent 3-Gun competition and some other cool stuff. And wait until you see the Crossbow Challenge!

Shifting my focus to THE BEST starting to shop around for crime trends. I want to reach out to you guys and ask what you would like to see us cover on TBD. Ideas??? BTW, here's a really great article on situational awareness from Kevin Reeve at onPoint Tactical:
Being able to develop awareness is dependent upon first knowing the baseline for the area you are in, and recognizing any variations to the baseline. These changes in baseline are learned from observation. One must know the baseline. One must recognize disturbances to the baseline, and one must recognize if those disturbances represent a specific threat or opportunity.
Read the whole thing, definitely! Good stuff.

Began writing scripts for GUN STORIES this morning before the SG meeting. Reminds me that I actually like writing and miss it,Back when I was a professional writer I wrote every single day, without fail. And yes, book deadlines were terrifying.

Have begged out of Area 2 MultiGuns tomorrow and Saturday...I have a head cold and am, in general, totally unprepared for the match. I want to go to the range tomorrow and work with an AR. Realistically, I should take a handful of OTC cold medication and try to sleep this thing off.


Michad said...

Michael will you plead with outdoor channel to release Gun Stories seasons on DVD? I can't watch full shows on the Internet but I would buy all seasons if on DVD

Trevor Shepherd said...

Here's a whole bunch of "Best Defense" type of training scenarios:

You guys should team up with the author of these articles, an Ohio police officer and shooting instructor named Greg Ellifritz. He's really good with this stuff and his material would be great for Best Defense, and he deserves some national TV exposure and recognition for the great work he does with training.

Tom said...

IDPA Back-Up Gun championships - This one has the most interest for me. Have they released the new rule book yet?

Awtha said...

Knowing what you said previously how everyone loves the competition - i'd rather see the scenarios - crimes that can (inadvertently) happen to us all - like the woman in the restaurant MJ hears her name & than accosts her in the park lot! Not having a criminal mind that stuff never dawns on me! Where there are crowds "our ilk" don't normally go. ATM crime, drive up & walk up, could be covered similar to what was done on the crimson trace video. Gas station altercations. Road rage altercations when backing away & slowing down just aint enough. Etc.
By the way, read a Forbes blurb "Cities With The Most Frustrated Motorists" they were all anti gun enclaves. --- "An armed society is a polite society."
Thanks again for all your programming. . . . . some of it actually takes!

Tim Covington said...

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see it. Verizon in the Dallas area is dropping the Outdoor Channel. The Outdoor Channel was my one reason to have cable. So, I'm dropping Verizon.
Michael, you might want to suggest to the folks at the Outdoor Channel that they set up a subscription based Roku Channel. I know that I would be willing to pay for it.

ELIMN8U said...

The 'Situational Awareness' concept sounds promising for more than just one episode.
The BUG shoot should be great!
More IDPA Night-Shoots I hope are on the way as well...that was cool.

Bubblehead Les. said...

One of the VERY Disturbing trends for me is the rash of Ex-Husbands coming into a Beauty Salon or Office or Boutique where their Ex-Wife works and opening fire. It seems that it is happening at least once a week somewhere in the United States. Maybe gear the Show towards those Ladies who would probably have to face those Deranged Exes, since those places tend to have a lot more women in there than Men.

Food for thought.

Erik N said...


Two scenarios I think could be covered on TBD

1) An active robbery-in-progress from the point of view of the clerk/owner.

2) A hostage situation, there's been a handful of incidents in the Seattle Area in the past couple years involving a DV call or a bar fight turning into a hostage situation, like maybe TBD can "war game" a scenario like your wife/brother/friend/etc is taken hostage in a public place...

just some ideas.