Monday, April 22, 2013

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

This mornin, 
I shot six holes in my freezer
I think I got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm
Boat Drinks
Jimmy Buffett

Another foot of snow tonight...I swear, I'm never going to be warm again. You can see The Wall from here, and I'm waiting for the white walkers to come storming over. It has been a bitterly cold April, coldest since I've lived up high. I want to go to the range! Wahhhhh! Wahhhhh!! Wahhhhhh!!! I paid for my Tavor today...I'd like to shoot it before the next geologic era. Luckily, it's Margarita Monday, and I went with a "mild" gold coin margarita with Corazon Reposada and Citronge orange liquer (and lemon juice, of course).

What can I say? Everybody up here gets cabin fever crazy when it's spring Down Below and freezing ass cold Up Here. I spent the day writing scripts for GUN STORIES, then knocked off about 3PM to start on DOWN RANGE Radio for Wednesday. Tomorrow I need about an hour to finish up DOWN RANGE Radio, then it's all GS scripts all the time. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..."

I was gonna link to some more gun articles, but you know, I can sum it all up for you: They hate us and will do anything in their power to disarm all civilians, and we will fight to sorry sons of bitches every step of the way. The President lies, the media is biased, Michael Bloomberg is Benito Mussolini in a good suit, Gabriel Giffords (not to mention her sleezebag "Rocketman" husband) turned out to be, as my friend Lester Bangs once said of Linda Ronstandt, "just another poozle," Chris Christie isn't really a conservative and will NEVER hold national office, and the American public DOES NOT want gun control, no matter how many bogus surveys get trotted out. That about covers it.

No, wait...let me send you to the best article on gun control I have read in years and years, from the left-leaning KONTRADICTIONS this! No, memorize this:
It is important to note that according to the Supreme Court (and most Americans), the views espoused by Obama, Feinstein, Maher, et all are unconstitutional. Is it really so difficult to understand why some folks might think that Democrats are just being politicians by giving lip-service to the second amendment while pushing new legislation? Taken collectively, these and many other open confessions by party members are more than probable cause for suspicion of intent. Constitutional voters don’t have to be ignorant or fearful to sound the alarm about these people. They just have to take them at their word and actions.
Wasn't that great? Circulate it everywhere!

And one more, a wonderful piece about what Americans do (and what One World progressives like B-Ho and nasty little fascists like Bloomberg will never understand):
There are people who do not understand this American instinct, and some who even want to undercut the notion that ordinary Americans have anything to contribute to their own safety. These people believe that only the “experts” should do so, experts who inevitably come from the government, and therefore who inevitably work for these same people. They prefer Americans helpless, docile, and dependant. It makes them easier to control.  
The push for gun control highlights this schism between Americans who wish to rely upon themselves first, and those who seek to require other Americans’ reliance. Americans don’t wish to retain their sacred right to keep and bear effective arms because they imagine themselves Rambos or because – if you listen to the clowns at MSNBC – they somehow wish to empower the killers of children. Just the opposite.
I swear I just saw a white walker, or some other Undead, crawling over my Honda Element. If I see one more episode of "Love It Or List It" I think I'm going to hang myself. It's only cabin head between legs, take deep breaths, and everything will be all right. Really.


Anonymous said...

You will love it here in Arizona.

You must come to Tucson and visit Mount Lemmon.

Have faith the sun will shine again.

Anonymous said...

At first I couldn't believe it when I tuned in the AtlBraves and heard they were snowed out in Denver. Then, I remembered MB's weather forecast.

Anonymous said...

The clouds/rain went away and out came the Sun here in NW Washington. So off to the range and it was amazing.

James said...

M. Bane:

A couple/three months ago on arfcom, user TheOTHERmaninblack posted his statement about confiscation and civil rights oppression we have recently faced. He gave permission to have this repeated; this is an excerpt of the 1150 word total of his view:

"Americans, as I said, are a funny lot. We're peaceful as hell right up until we aren't. We'll put up with onerous bullshit that eastern bloc folks wouldn't stand up for, so long as we can tell ourselves that we have a choice. See, that's the important thing-- that we have a choice. "well, I could rear up and slap shit out of them, but it isn't worth the trouble, yet. But they better not do X, or there'll be hell to pay!" See, so long as we can tell ourselves that we COULD do something about a given situation if we really had to, we're generally too fucking lazy to actually do anything. And there's the rub.

Like just about anybody we've ever had a war with, Washington DC looks at us and how we just put up with all the hairy bullshit because it's too much bother to fight it, and they think that we'll never stand up to them at all. Hell, there's guys in this forum who agree with them, some of whom have posted in this very thread. And, I think, that's where the mistake is made.

See, that old rifle leaning against the corner in the hall closet? That's our symbol of choice. So long as that rifle remains there, we can tell ourselves that, if we really had to, we could do something about the scoundrels, just like our ancestors did, despite the fact that a goodly chunk of us never had ancestors who participated in the first Revolution. You might say that it's part of our uniquely American religion. We might not think it consciously, but the idea is there. It's our security blanket, if you will.

Folks are finally realizing that DC and the lefties aren't just after the weapons of criminals. The controllers have finally overstepped their bounds. They're taking away the CHOICE. Never mind it's a choice that would never have been exercised, it was there and it was ours.

We're a special breed over here, and I'm sorry if that seems insulting or narcissistic. We come from folk who weren't ever satisfied with where they were and with their choices wherever they were in the old world. We come from risk takers, even those of us who can't trace our lineage back to the first war. We need that choice in our very bones."

I'd like all to see the entirety of his post.

Salude! See that old rifle in the corner?

kmitch200 said...

as my friend Lester Bangs once said of Linda Ronstandt, "just another poozle"

You may be going nuts cooped up by Al's global warming but the writing hasn't suffered.
You've been on a roll lately. :)

Anonymous said...

Never shot on a range in the snow?

I'm sure the boys in MI and AK do it at least 6 months out of the year :-)

I've done it on occasion, the biggest problem is the trade-off on gloves.


Fl-Obiwan said...

I LOVE Florida

Anonymous said...

On Fox News Sunday, "Di-Fi" was asked if during "these times", "wouldn't citizens want to have a gun for protection?" She said that if the conversation was going toward "assault weapons", the answer was "no". She said "get a shotgun".

When are the real defensive experts going to take these clowns on and tell everyone that the reason police carry guns is for THEIR own protection and they prefer semi-automatic rifles with 30-round standard capacity and handguns with a standard capacity of 15 to 17 rounds. This is what anyone would want for self-protection.

(Police generally do not, by law carry them to protect you! Their mission is to stop the altercation and ARREST the perp' and take them in; then "try them" in court. If the perp' threatens the police officer, THEN and only then can they exert deadly force. There are only a few exceptions to that rule.)

So, where are you Rob Pincus when we need you? How about Massad Ayoub? Michael, how about lining-up a show that addresses this? How about a Congressional hearing where you lay this all out?

Intelligent citizens will easily understand.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Testimony at a Congressional hearing is only meaningful if Congresscritters are actually *asking* questions. Mostly what you hear coming from Mordor-on-the-Potomic is static these days.



Chas S. Clifton said...

I just look out the window and tell myself, "We won't have a forest fire this week."

And then I go back to pondering a possible hidden trapdoor in the NRA's position on gun rights and mental illness.