Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Sorry...I assume everyone knows everything! Each Wednesday morning we release an episode of DOWN RANGE Radio, my 45-minute (more or less), professionally produced podcast talking about guns, self-defense, recipes, rock and roll, and what one regular listener described as "Michael's brain drippings."

Last year DOWN RANGE Radio received a "Gunnie Award" as the Number 1 firearms podcast on the Internet. Our commentaries on the Supreme Court Heller Decision has been cited as some of the best and most informative work on that landmark moment. We recently put in place a way for listeners to leave voice message questions on DOWN RANGE Television and I'll answer them the next week.

I can't believe that tomorrow is episode 309...that's a massive amount of B-S! LOL! Long time back Marshal Halloway and I lost track of how many people actually listen to DOWN RANGE Radio...the numbers were already huge. Over the last 2 years we've found that at big events like the NRA Convention or the SHOT Show, fully half the people I talk to are "pod people" as opposed to fans of the television show.

One amazingly creepy moment...I was flying back into Denver with my crew from a filming session. My producers and I got off the plane first and while waiting for the rest of the crew to disembark we were talking about the success of the podcast. "Do you really have a sense of who listens to the podcast?" my producer Mike Long was asking. Walking off the plane was a classic Colorado climbing dude, big pack loaded with climbing gear, a rope strapped to the outside of the pack and earbuds in his ear. He walked past us just as Long asked his question...on cue, he turned his iPod around to reveal my face on it and answered Long's question of who listened: "Everybody," the dude said and kept walking...

RE: 7.62/.308 ammo, I have had great luck with the Hornady Superperformance, both the 165-gr and the 168-gr Match. I bought some 150-gr Prvi Partizan back when it was cheap (well, cheaper...it has been a long time since 7.62 was "cheap") and it's been great in the semiautos. I also used it to shoot a hole in one of my steel plates that was rated for 7.62. LOL! I also have had good luck with the wonderful Black Hills 155-gr A-Max, but I have exactly 2 boxes of that left.


Charlie Foxtrot said...

Down Range Radio has been on my pod for years. I've laughed, learned, grimaced, called, written, raged, and recoiled (mostly from your bumper music.) Most importantly, I've been informed.

Thank you for all the years and effort. It is truly appreciated.

Papershotshells said...

I just found the podcast a few months ago (not real sure how the hell i missed it), so I'm slowly catching up. I've been going through the archives and listening to one or more episode per day.

Really good stuff Michael, please keep up the fight!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy listening to your podcast.. I've been listening to it regularly for several years... I hope the party will still be going on Saturday night at the NRA Convention....

jerry from upstate NY said...

listened to your great podcast today. ref the ar10 platform, just bought a armalite ar10A. Waiting for a midwest rail and I put an eotech 552.XR308 for optics.

So the big question is what about the ar10A (can use other mags) seems to run great (even with only 7 rounds in the mag!! I hate NY)


Anonymous said...

One of the factors for the popularity of the Podcasts over your TV shows is that your non-US fans can access the podcasts, but have little prospect to access your video productions carried on US-only networks.


clark myers said...

How about podcasts and full seasons on DVD and/or Blue Ray?

IIRC there has been one season on disc?

tablekiller said...

Make Sure to let us know, via the Podcast where the Michael Bane buys the beer party is at this years NRA convention. Missed ya last year, hoping to make it this year!

tablekiller said...

Oh and the Podcast is awesome. I've learned a ton from you and have gone back and listened to them all.

Thanks for all you do! Your saving lives with the shows and podcast!


Delco said...

I would like to watch The Outdoor channel, but I don't subscribe to cable because they have you on what they call a 'Premium sports' channel and I don't like sports with balls.
Does DOWNRANGE Radio have a ROKU channel?