Sunday, July 28, 2013

Watching Republicans Commit Suicide

New Jersey governor Chris Christie said yesterday that a current “strain of libertarianism” was “a very dangerous thought.”

That from the Aspen Republican Governors' conference, attacking Rand Paul. Oh, and the mainstream Republicans and pundits like Charles Krauthammer are feeling tingles up their legs:
It was an extremely important moment. Rand Paul represents the sort of isolationist wing of the Republican party; by this direct, fearless attack on him by Christie, I think he takes up the mantle of the majority of the GOP, which is interventionist. And that’s a really important moment.
You betcha! Read my lips...rally behind gun grabber/anti-Second Amendment zealot Chris Christie as the Republican standard bearer and, ultimately, the 2016 Presidential nominee, and the gun vote stays home! Say hello to President Hillary. 

C'mon guys, even Alf the Wonder Beagle can figure this one out. I like Christie's nasty repartee as much as anyone, but this is the same man who quite literally stepped up to help the Obama re-election when it was flailing and, unlike Romney, who could at least make a case that he wasn't really truly antigun, Christie's whole career has been about savaging the Second Amendment...good grief, New Jersey is HELL for gun owners. And it's a hell the mainstream Republicans want us to port over to the whole United States. Are they blind? Deaf? Are they honest-to-God that stupid?

A portion of the so-called "Republican base" refused to turn out for Mitt Romney. Imagine the bloodbath if the RINOs give in to their little inner progressive and run a man who has spat on one of the largest sectors of the Republican base.

Sorry...didn't mean to rant. And hey, interventionism has worked so well for us. Look at Iraq...whoops...Afghanistan...nope...every single place in the Middle East...nope, we tanked there, too. Maybe it's time we started thinking of NOT doing the same thing over and over again and being surprised when it doesn't work again! 

BTW, one more piece on Zimmerman, this one from Megan McArdle. I wholeheartedly agree with her overall premise, that we don't need tougher standards for self-defense law, but I do think there's still a "Zimmerman must have done something wrong" sense with which I don't agree. Read the whole thing.


Sabre22 said...

I will stay home this time if they nominate any RINO especially if he is a gun-Grabber

Anonymous said...

Why are the Republicans trying to get a third party started?

It is either suicide or the highest level of the party has been co-opted by Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Hillary will never be President.
She may run, but she will not be the party's choice.
She tried once before and got blown away by a half term Senator nobody ever heard of after campaigning for over 8 years.
The DNC will not waste their time on a loser like that.
Especially not after her post Benghazi brain damage.
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Angry Monkey said...

At this point, I feel a bit lost. The GOP seems obsessed with running RINO's that have all the typical conservative "baggage" with none of the actual conservative message. The DNC can run any Statist wackadoodle they want and stand a great chance of winning. I don't like holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils, and anymore there really isn't one.
So what are we supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

It is very simple - The Progressives have infiltrated both parties and have risen to the top. That is why they must attach the true Republicans. I will not vote for Christie and that is the plan to get Hillary in by the Left

Anonymous said...

Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, McCain, Cristie, Rubio: with "leaders" like these, who needs enemies?

RetroG said...

One of those "old dead white guys" who founded our country once said something about avoiding foreign entanglements. Sounds pretty smart to me.

I will vote Libertarian for POTUS and leave the Republicans permanently if they run Christie.

RParker said...

Rand Paul or Ted Cruz would make a better GOP choice, but despite being more on the libertarian end of the spectrum, they still pander to what Barry Goldwater called "those damn preachers". Plus Paul has shown to be not cut from the same cloth as his father when it comes to foreign policy. I'll probably end up voting Libertarian again if it looks like the another choice between two statists. Can't we get someone like Penn Jillette to run? At least he can be entertaining at press conferences.

gunman42782 said...

I could not agree more Michael. If the Republicans are indeed, that dang stupid as to elect this man, I will vote Libertarian.

DamDoc said...

Just means we need to come out in force for the primaries.. we need to decide who we unite behind (cruz or paul), and be vigilant, and not stay home... we hang together, or surely we will hang seperately. Christy is nightmare, and we need to make dure OUR guy is running againt Hillary at the twilite of the 24 hour cycle. (i refuse to say end of the day)

Anonymous said...

Nice thought on showing up the primaries. Just remember that our candidate needs to be able to survive the first couple of months until the South and West get to chime in. The current standard favors New England (by design, IMO).

Running a moderate candidate didn't work so well in '92 (Perot didn't really affect the race based on the stats I've seen), '96, '08, and '12. In '00, the LEAST progressive guy won the primary (Bush over McCain), and if it wasn't for Nader's Florida supporters, he wouldn't have won the general.

The GOP needs to face the fact that no matter how far left they drift, they will never make the MSM feel a thrill going up its collective leg. To expect more would require an optimism akin to Charlie Brown's optimism that Lucy won't pull back the football this time.

My challenge after returning to CONUS will be to convince my state to ALLOW us to put a third party on the ballot.

- Drifter

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the lack of support for 2A in Republican ranks. Also the realistic lack of support in the general population. Just read this article about Colorado recall. Seems after all the bruhaha it is falling flat on its face. No money and no real candidates to run against Morse and Giron. Wake up that we lost more than an election in November.

Bubblehead Les. said...

It's going to be Hillary. Why? Just look at her Democratic Opposition. Cuomo, Malloy, Biden? Please, she'll Brand herself as the "True Moderate," so as to get the Dumbass Middle-of-the Roaders and the Soccer Mom Vote. Hell, NBC just announced that they're doing a Mini-Series on her for the Summer of 2016. And I'm SURE that they'll go into depth on all the Scandals she was involved with since Arkansas, right?

When Pigs Fly.

So who does the Republican Party have on Tap that can beat her, the MSM and all the Branches of the Modern DemoCommie Party?

Yeah, that's right. I can't think of anyone either. But they sure can tear each other up trying to run to the Middle!

So if you think the recent Ammo Shortage won't ever happen again, wait until November 2016.

The Freeholder said...

Michael, operationally there is zero difference between Democrats and Republicans once elected.

For the last several generations, we've been trained to pay homage a false dichotomy every 2 years or so. Time to stop voting forth the lesser of two evils and start voting for the few people who want to get elected to office and then leave you alone.

2Savage said...

MB - isn't it time for us to return Bloomberg's interference in our affairs by helping NYC select their next Mayor?
Weiner is dropping in the polls. Shouldn't all of us people of the gun help NYC have the Mayor they deserve?

There's still time for us to contribute to his deserving campaign and help NYC have a Mayor we can all enjoy!

jerry from upstate new york said...

what's wrong with Ted Cruz?

Sheepdog 1968 said...

I'm actually quite worried about the 2016 elections. As always I am a one voter topic (pro 2nd amendment). Hillary was/is very popular amongst the Dems. The one legitimate argument we had against her in 2008 was her lack of international experience and lack to total tenure in politics. By having done the Sec of State position for four years, she has addressed those issues making her much more likely to secure the Democratic nomination. I don't see any good strong frontrunners for Republicians out there. Campaign season is only 18 months to two years away so this lack of a popular Rep concerns me. How I long for another Ronald Regan.

Anonymous said...

After reading and then re-reading all of these posts and the new ones as they appear, I am almost at a loss for words. Did some of you guys actually listen to what you just said, including YOU Michael? What, are you all just going to give up? Oh yeah, I forgot, "there's no hope".

Maybe it's time to use some of the otherwise normal creativity that most of you display on other subjects. Maybe it's time for YOU Michael, to use your gift of being an effective journalist to inspire a solution to this impending problem of all of us losing everything that we stand for if we lose the next election, including the House of Representatives. Maybe it's time for you Michael, to rally the rest of the people in leadership positions on the "2A" side. You could lead that! You could do that very well.

What would be stopping you Michael, from using your "pulpit" to inspire and rally those on our side? What are the risks? If you lose your sponsors, so what? You'll surely lose them when there isn't any market left for gun shows when no one has guns or ammo. Maybe it's time for all of us to get behind you and follow your lead.

In the mean-time, at this house, we will continue to write our elected and yet-to-be-elected officials to let them know how we feel. We will also continue to send our support to those that need it to overcome the dug-in traitors that lie and say that they support us, but really just sell us out. We're not giving up here.

See ya at the August "Tea Party".

Life Member

rickn8or said...

Anonymous 1;44, you left out Graham, Alexander and Corker.

DamDoc said...

NSSF and NRA support or are neutral on Jones at ATF?? WTF?? can somebody explain this strategery!?!?! With friends like that, who needs enemies???

Chi said...

This is fantastic!