Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meanwhile, Back at the Script

Finishing up the remaining pieces of the GUN STORIES script this week (Colt cap-and-ball revolvers, a little more on big bore handguns and suppressors from Mitch WerBell forward). Rain will be moving in this afternoon, and I'd like to get one more practice in for the upcoming Appleseed event. Yesterday my Sweetie and I did about an hour of practice, mostly for the prone stage. My Sweetie was able to coach me to much better scores on that stage, my last run dropping a single point. I would love to pick up another "Rifleman" patch, but if we have to shoot in the rain it's going to impact scores.

I'm having some work done on my GUNSITE Scout .308 in anticipation of a couple of hunts where I might be dealing with a longer shot. I'm adding a Timney trigger, replacing the flash hider with a Miculek .308 muzzle brake (yes, Michael Makes More Noise!) and adding an XS Sights full length rail if I want to go to a standard scope. I've never been a huge fan of the Ruger built-in scope mounts (or the Leupold twist-in style for that matter) compared to rails. Here's some interesting thoughts from Richard Mann on the Scout.

I want to try the Burris 2-7X Scout I've used on the lever action BLR Scout on the RGS. I realize I could have gotten a brake and a couple of pounds less weight with the composite stock Scout that came out recently, but I have a lot of rounds through my original Scout, and it is pretty much my favorite rifle.


Overload in Colorado said...

Is the Appleseed the only class you practice for before attending, or is this something you do before all instruction?

Anonymous said...

Just in case you are thinking of wimping out due to rain.

Personally, I decided it was a good time to get the x country skis out.

Michael Bane said...

Over…generally, I practice before all instruction, if I have the time. For example, I've done the GUNSITE 250/350 maybe 6-7 times. Before I go, I focus on one-shot-draws from the gear I'll be using, usually against an Action target with a knock out center.

I also try to do a little 25 yard practice, off-hand. When I go to FTW, I make sure my rifle is 100% at 50-100 yards.

I want the benefit of the instruction without all the stupid s&*t I've done over the years to MINIMIZE what I take away from a class.

So much of shooting is finesse. Today, for example, my Sweetie worked with me on a sitting position and solved a lot of the issues I have.

In the Real World, I'm going to New Zealand in late June for Red Stag. I'l be using a 45/70 (Hornady 325-gr Leverevolution) Ruger #1. I haven't decided on the scope, but as with Africa the most important thing to me is the ability to GUARANTEE the shot. Of the animals I shot in Africa, 4 of 5 were 1-shot kills. I want the same in NZ (which means a 250 yard shot max).

I don't want to spend my time in a class having the instructor correcting mistakes I already know.

The instructor at this Appleseed is very very good, and I am hoping he is able to tune me up for NZ.

Rifles are amazingly tricky beasties. I am quantum's better as a rifleman than when I went to Africa, but in fact I think it's that I now know how much that I don't know.

Long answer to a short question!


Michael Bane said...

My Sweetie adds that she does not practice before classes, but that she has been to an Appleseed before and just barely missed the coveted "Rifleman" patch.

So she is practicing for this Appleseed class. She notes that the Appleseed test is "DAMN HARD" and anything she can do to prepare herself for it is good.

I was lucky enough to score a "Rifleman" patch in my first Appleseed with a .22 AR. But I think it was more luck than skill!!!


nj larry said...

MB apropos of your above remarks...I happened to run across this quote this morning. From a hundred years ago.....

Victory awaits him who has everything in order--luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck. Roald Amundsen ( First human being on the South Pole)

Unknown said...

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