Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Podcast Day!

Which, amazingly, I got finished in time to spend a little time on the range with the JP 9mm carbine. This is important, as I am supposed shooting an Appleseed with it this weekend. At least I'm shooting the standing offhand stage with my best scores ever, 3 points down. I think I can shoot it clean with just a little bit of work on my standing position. My pathetic knees are really hindering me on the second stage, dropping to kneeling or sitting for 10 shots with a reload. I know…suck it up, Michael. That's why a benevolent God made Celebrex. I'll be accelerating the stretching over the rest of the week, and we'll just have to see. My strength has always been the prone positions and if I can turn out a good standing score I might be able to override having to push the kneeling/sitting stage. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

You might be able to shoot the kneeling/
sitting stage from standing.
Appleseed is adaptable.

I have been to a few and plan to
go to another this spring.

nj larry said...

Part of the constant leftist anti-gun pressure across the country is the banning (either by law or by range policy) of "human targets ". Hence the Picasso like abstractions of what we all know we are shooting at. I just shake my head how easy it is to get gun owners to accept this incrementalism.

Michael Bane said...

I'm going to try some alternative kneeling positions today that will be faster to acquire...


PA...Larry...I agree...

Sheepdog1968 said...

I was out at Thunder Ranch and got to shoot Clint Smiths 9 mm AR when we went through the Terminator 3. Wow. I really really liked 9 mm AR. No recoil and felt like I was shooting a 22 LR. I now understand the 9 mm AR appeal.

Anonymous said...


What loads do you shoot in the 9mm AR?
I have one I built up a couple of years ago and I *really* like it!
I shot an Appleseed with it, but I found I can't shoot it nearly as accurately as my SW M&P15-22 or my CMMG .22 "real steel" AR upper.


Michael Bane said...

JMK...I'm shooting Wilson Signature 125-gr Hornady HAP Match 9mm:

It is unequivocally, hands-down, what can I say, the most accurate 9mm ammo I've ever shot. It will hold an inch at 50 yards out of the JP, and I think I can get it a little better now.

In practice today today I shot the Appleseed prone stage with it, 1 point down.

Wilson is not a sponsor, but he is and old and very good friend.

PS: I carry Corbon DPX in my carry guns, which is why I endorse Corbon (and why they sponsor TBD). I want to try their 9mm match when they do a run of it, and as I mentioned I'm working with DoubleTap (DRTV Sponsor!) on a 147-gr carbine-specific match and self-defense round...


Anonymous said...

Darn it Michael, you gotta give us a "spoiler warning" before discussing the series finale of Justified. I've been too busy to catch up on the show, and while listening to your podcast couldn't get to the pause button quick enough.
Oh well, besides that, enjoyed the podcast as usual.