Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Fun Monday

Wasted most of the day driving to Boulder to get my knee MRI'ed. I should find out tomorrow just how trashed it really is, no doubt somewhere between "stay off it for a week" and amputation. As a consequence, I didn't get the podcast finished, which puts me behind the 8-ball for the rest of the week. No matter what, I gotta shoot some pistol tomorrow to get ready for upcoming filming. I'm trying to get myself used to shooting a red dot on a pistol, in this case a G19. Chris Edwards swears it'll all make sense in a couple of hundred rounds.

And no, 2 days of run and gun didn't do the old knee a world of good, but hey, it was fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I am beating myself up a bit for tanking the Standards at Noveske...I've shot the Noveske standards a couple of times before in matches and done really well on them. The Standards were my last stage and, honestly, I hadn't given them a bit of thought when I stepped up to shoot. Slam dunk. Judging by my performance, you'd think I'd never shot a gun before. Oh happens.

Ironically, the only part of the Standards I was a little worried about was the shotgun segment, which I aced. Maybe I should worry more! LOL!


Sheepdog1968 said...

Sorry about the knee acting up again. I will be curious about your progress on the red dot pistol. For rifles, I like how when you shoulder the weapon the red dot is there. As for the pistol, I tried a tricked out G19 at a local gun store with a micro red dot on it and it did just pop out when I brought the weapon up. My XS sights have always jumped out on pistols. I was surprised by this. I do a lot of defensive firearms training so I know how to bring up my pistol. I asked about it on thehighroad website and was told for pistols, there are some adjustments it requires to get the hang of it. I will be curious about your take on it. I've decided to hold off for now.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Didn't just pop out on the pistol I meant to say.

KevinC said...

Hey, if *I* can get used to a red dot on a Glock, so can you! :D

Michael Bane said...

I'm curious, too. I've shot a bunch of red-dot sighted pistols, but always as "one-offs," shooting a friend's gun, etc. My friends who are routinely carrying red-dot sighted pistols said that it did take a couple of hundred rounds for them to "settle." I feel very strongly that Gabe Suarez has the right of it…the longer shot has become a reality in today's world.


Sheepdog1968 said...

Michael, the other question I'd be curious to find out is for those that have used the red dots for a long time, is there any issue with them then shooting an iron sighted pistol and picking up the front sight quickly? The one thing I dislike about my XS sights is 25 yard shots. I can't group well with XS sights at 25 yards relative to other iron sights on pistols. At and inside 15 yards, my XS sights are awesome and my favorite sights for defensive pistol shooting. I can see where red dots could excel at these longer shots like you mentioned.