Monday, August 31, 2015

Sorta Back in the Saddle!

And a lot of catch up to do. Spent the weekend at the Noveske Multigun Championships at Colorado Rifle Club. What a wonderful match! My good friend Mark Passamaneck is easily one of the finest match designers working today.

And yes, I managed to get in spitting distance of LAST PLACE! On the whole, paradoxically, I was pretty happy with my shooting...I'll be reconciling that paradox on DOWN RANGE Radio this week. All 3 guns ran like tops under very dusty very dry conditions. Shot the now aged DDM-4 with Burris MTAC 1-4x, STI Marauder 9mm, and Rem Versa-Max with standard 3-Gun mods from Carbon Arms. Ammo was factory...5.56 Winchester White Box 55-gr; 9mm ARMSCOR ball; Fiocchi Game & Target #8 12 gauge, and Fiocchi Aero 1 ounce slugs. A note on the slugs...the Versa-Max is seriously picky about slugs...I've gone through a number of brands, including my favorite, Rem Low Recoil Law Enforcement slugs, which are super in my 870.



Akkew Ojjan said...

nice article thanks brother, familiar greeting from my blogging beginners: D

Unknown said...

So the fiochi slugs do work with the versa max?