Thursday, August 13, 2015

Smoky Here @ The Bunker

Fires a few miles away, and the wind is pumping smoke my way. Kinda sucks, since an off-grid house by definition can't have air conditioning. Gonna be an eye-watering night.

You've got to see this great video from Frank Galli at SNIPER'S HIDE shooting a Ruger Precision Rifle against an AI AX, maybe one of the best bolt action long-range rifles ever made, in a "mad minute." From this we can conclude:

1) The RPR is an amazing value.
2) Frank Galli is a breathtakingly good shooter.

Check it out.

And speaking of Ruger I got my .300 Blackout conversion kit for the takedown SR-556…I look forward to running it a bit this weekend.

You know, I've got the television going in background for noise, and on some news program I thought I heard the chant…




Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…did I get that right? Maybe I misheard…


Anonymous said...

Michael, reading this comment, didn't you learn the lesson that one should not blog after that 3rd adult beverage. Its kind of like dialing an ex in the middle of the night in college . . .

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard "Pants-up, don't loot!"

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bgary said...


Michael Bane said...

And Nick at DoubleStar is doing t-shirts, I believe!