Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt/.45 ACP and Hammerheads

Went to the range to site in one of my older ARs that I'm thinking about using for the remainder of the 3-Gun season...more about which later...but I figured that since I was at the range, I should put some of the Garrett Hammerheads through the Ruger Redhawk dual .45s.

The holster's from Diamond D Custom Leather, their Guide's Choice holster.

I shot a group with the first 4 rounds, then flinched the other 2 out. Yes, as a matter of fact a 365-gr bullet in a 4.2 inch barrel has a bit 'o de ole recoil — note thumb below — but I have shot worse...much worse!

Be a heck of a back-up gun/round for dangerous game country. After, of course, you try harsh language!

BTW, when I have carried bear spray and a gun, I have typically carried the gun strong-side and the bear spray weak-side. My bear spray, Guard Alaska, can be operated with one hand, and I prefer not to be in a position of having to drop something from my strong hand before I draw. Especially in the case of a bear. If I'm in the backcountry and I have a question about something..big noise in the underbrush, bearish grunts, poachers whistling, whatever…I want my hand on the gun, prepped for the draw.


Because, as Mike Seeklander has said on TBD, it is hugely faster, as much as 50% faster. Secondly, going to the gun allows you to establish a solid grip. Probably the biggest risk on a draw is that you don't "hit" your grip 100% — one of the big reasons I urge you all to do some sort of practical competition. Competition requires you to draw the gun a lot, both in actual competitions and in dry fire practice (in fact, since there are storms rolling through this part of Colorado and I'm inside watching a wretched Australian movie about a giant killer croc stalking 2 hot girls and an ineffective guy, I'm going to go get my rig and practice draws now).

If you go to the gun early, and this is for the backcountry, not 8 Mile (although it's not such a bad idea for 8 Mile, either…one grim stretch of road), you can guarantee your grip. It also allows you to clear any thumbsnap or retention loop, or, if you're not open carrying, to open whatever carry device (e.g., a SafePacker) you're using.

On TBD, although it has been a while back, we noted that defense against a wild animal is an exception to our "no warning shots" advice…obviously, I'm excluding your basic charging anything here. I'd rather scare something off than kill it, especially if I can do so legally.

The likelihood of you running up against something mean with teeth in the woods is pretty much on par with getting struck by lightning, but both things do happen. Of course the real danger in the woods is bad people, not bad animals (read TRAIL SAFE). I'll be walking Newt later this evening on her favorite trail, and I'll be carrying a a Taurus Judge loaded with Federal buckshot, mostly as a snake gun. Would work for coyotes as well.

If you're going to carry in the backcountry, give some thought about how and why and work out your personal details.


Alien said...

Michael, now that you have some experience with high recoiling loads in the new Ruger, what's your take on the factory grips? Keep or replace? If replace, with what?

Anonymous said...

Why not have three shot loads backed up by two HPs? If ya run into a bear or bipedal mamal who needs a killing, the two HPs would come in handy after the three shot don't stop the threat.

Nice slate on the floor, BTW. We did our floor in black slate. Great surface, but don't drop a wrench on it!

Michael Bane said...

Usually do, .45 Colt SilverTips, since the 225-gr DPXs seem rare as silver back gorillas in Las Vegas these days.

Still pondering grips...if I was going to exclusively shoot the heavy boomers, I'd want to go with something a bit more comfortable (the round butt equivalent of the Hogues on the 4-inch .44 Magnum Redhawks, for example). As long as I'm in standard 45 Colt bullet weight snap d.45 ACP, got no problem with the existing grips.


Anonymous said...

What's your preferred FAL configuration? Any gotchas to avoid?


Unknown said...

Nice. Try Beartooth Bullets 405-grain WLN-DC-GC or Cast Performance 395-grain WLN-DC-GC with a stiff charge of Lil'Gun, IMR4227 or H110/WW296.