Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another One of Those Weeks Week

Is it Tuesday? It seems like Monday of next week. But it's cool tonight, which is cool after a long hot streak.

BTW, DS Arms is having a summer sale of a bunch of their trade show FALs and ARs, including this beauty:

You know I'd buy that in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a great FAL! There are some killer deals there, so check it out. The FAL remains a great MBR…the new generation of AR-10 platform guns have eclipsed the old warhorse, but that hardly negates the FAL's sterling qualities.

You should also read this NYT article on a "Clash of Cultures" about shooting on public land. Obama's progressive jihadists have long wanted to shut down all public lands to shooting, and they're getting closer and closer. The standard tactic is to "emergency" close the most popular shooting areas, forcing shooters into the larger — and often less safe — forest areas. We've seen that happen repeatedly in Colorado.

Secondly, the various public entities, be it BLM of the U.S. Forest Service, virtually never enforce the laws already on the books. In fact, U.S. Forest Service officials admitted to me that they don't enforce the laws because of a string of excuses, beginning with insufficient manpower and going from there. I told officials from USFS the their policy of emergency closures of "traditional" shooting areas would eventually get someone killed, and when it did the blood was on their hands.


KevinC said...

Hey, I thought I heard you say awhile back on the podcast you were putting together a mini bug-out bag/first aid kit to take along with your BLR, or did I mishear that?

Anonymous said...

Any info would be helpful...are there any cartridge/upper combos for the AR that match up to a hot 45 Colt or 44 Mag load? Things like the 450 Bushmaster or 458 Socom just are too much for my thoughts. Somewhere around 1200 - 1500 ft lbs at the muzzle with a 240-300 grain round?

Anonymous said...

To further exacerbate the risk to the future of shooting on public lands, is the growing sentiment in the eyes and belief systems of the new "urban socialists" and some conservatives too. They don't believe that the government should own land such as this at all. They've never experienced being out in the wilds and enjoying a campfire with friends, or hunting and fishing. If they have their way, the government would sell all of their land, save maybe for some "parks" and distribute the money amongst them.


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