Saturday, August 01, 2015

Well, hi!

Hopefully, after everyone has had a cooling off period, I can safely return to the blog!

Shot a 3-Gun match today…I'm still not shooting the way I know I'm capable of, but I also am pretty familiar with my own "learning skills," such as they are, and this is how it goes. I'm still happy with the rifle, and the pistol is coming up. I was bummed on the last stage, when I (and most everyone else) couldn't see the long-range, 200+ yard rifle targets. I hit what I could see, but the stage ended up getting tossed anyway.

I discover an old and proven truth — when I get tricksy on shooting strategy I usually end up boning myself. I took a little bit of riskier run, e.g., I was the only person stupid enough to try it, on a pistol-only stage. My idea was to take longer range shots to save myself a reload. I did save myself a reload, but…LOL!

BTW, we spent some time in Kentucky with David Ives of Nemesis Arms, makers of the coolest take-down bolt action sniper rifle in the world and now located conveniently across the highway from Rockcastle Shooting Center where we were filming for AMERICA'S RIFLE. If you remember a few years bacon SHOOTING GALLERY we featured David assembling and breaking down the Nemesis at the SHOT Show (I think Freddy Blish sent us down to SHOT basement netherworld to check it out).

Marshal and I were lucky to get out with our wallets intact! We did a bunch of filming with the newest iteration of the Nemesis, the ambidextrous Valkyrie bolt gun, because we thought you guys would like to see it [not a sponsor!]. You're gonna have to see the video to really get how cool the Nemesis is. David has a breathtaking grasp of details, which is why the gun is in use in many scary places.

We also got so see a bunch of new products for the AR platform…they are every bit as thoughtful and well-designed as the rifle itself. I'll let you know when we get the vids up!

 There's an excellent article by WeaponsMan on "If You Had Only One 5.56 Carbine:"
Want to spend more money, anyway?
Spend it wisely. Buy ammo and get training. That gives you two things that can never be confiscated, experience and knowledge.
Read the whole thing!

Man, I'm suffering with a popped right knee right now. I torqued it last weekend, then spent the rest of the week on my feet outside. It sucks. And yes, I will grant you that shooting a run-and-gun match today was possibly not the best therapy. For the rest of the weekend (and most of next week, I suspect) it's ice, ice baby!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the feeling of responsibility and accountability. BUT, I don't think that you have anything to apologize for. Just because someone posts something that others may find objectionable, doesn't make it your fault. You offer a great place to "blog" and bloggers may at times say something that someone else finds offensive. That's life (for them). You did the responsible thing with you response. I'm satisfied with that.

Life Member