Friday, August 07, 2015

Day on the Range

All revolver stuff, including my favorite .44 Magnum, the Super Blackhawk Hunter that Hamilton Bowen built for me a few years back. It is a wonderful revolver, the gun I hand people when they ask about my weird infatuation with single action Rugers. I told you the story about Tim Cremin, my producing partner for GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA and THE BEST DEFENSE, when he first visited the Secret Hidden Bunker???

We went to the gun room and opened the safe, and I started showing Tim my single actions. After a few minutes he said, "Is this some kind of trick cabinet? You can keep pulling them out forever?" I am so lucky to have guns from Hamilton, Dave Clements, Jim Stroh, Bill Laughridge and other single action masters. Sadly, I don't have a single action from Alan HartonGary Reeder or, strangely enough, my friend John Linebaugh. I hope I can correct those glaring errors!

Anyway. am working on DRTV stuff for next week. Could I just say that Apple's PHOTOS program is a massive POS? It's as if the people at Apple have never once even considered what people do with their programs. I'll be compressing, then frantically uploading, video until I am older and totally bald.

Oh yeah, I reviewed and approved the GUN STORIES episode on suppressors. I believe it  is absolutely the best episode of this season so far (and Joe emailed me similar sentiments). Please, watch it! We are all so proud if it.


Louis said...

Thanks for recognizing how much Apple screwed up Photos.

Anonymous said...

Gun Stories and Best Defence are awesome television! And Joe is the right personality for GS.

And a tip of the hat to Jim Shockey for Uncharted which somehow weaves travel with hunting with local culture with respect for the outdoors with family with untouchable production values.

I have the whole cable tv menu at my disposal but I spend 90% of my viewing on Outdoor. You guys produce superior and thoughtful programming, it's that simple. And I'm never afraid that I'll be surprised with crude or rude content. That's important when youngsters are around.

And even Tom Massy's cornpone is entertaining!

DamDoc said...

Screwed up photos... mand music sharing... DO NOT upgrade to IOS 8.4

Tim Covington said...

Michael, part of it is that Apple has conceded the photo and video side to Adobe. For $10 a month you can get Photoshop and Lightroom. These will handle most all of the photo work and most of the video work that most people need to do. Yes, you can now edit video in Photoshop. And, if you really need to do heavy duty video editing, can either spring for the more expensive full Creative Cloud package (which gives you more software than most people will ever use), or spend the money for one of the many other video editing software packages out there.