Monday, August 24, 2015

God, I Hate Monday!

Got the podcast done, of course. It was easy, since it was a busy week. Then I took a break to disassemble my 3-Gun Versa Max and clean most of the crap out of it. Here's a Mr. Stupid point…at the last match I wondered my shotgun seemed a little off…when I pulled the choke, surprise, I'd replaced the "skeet" with a tighter "modified." I can't for the life of me remembered why I went to a "modified" choke, except that I did it at the last Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun. I'm back to "improved," maybe "skeet." Pay more attention, Michael! Details…details…details!

The Noveske Multigun match is next weekend. Tomorrow, I have a heart-to-heart with my orthopedist, which will probably include injections into my knees. Yeechy-poo! By Thursday I'll have all my guns cleaned (more or less), dialed in and ready for the match.


KMitch200 said...

I'm 14.5 yrs in with my knee replacement. The last xray showed prosthetic and bone that hasn't changed AT ALL in that time. It looks just like the 6 week post-op xray. Why is mine doing so well and others had to get revisions done in half that time?
I was a 43 yr old firefighter and was back on the truck, full duty, in 3 months. An "inactive" job and time off is 6 weeks.
I can count the times I have *run* in the last 14 years on my fingers and that wasn't a distance farther than 300 feet - the distance of two of our 1 3/4" quick attack hose lines coupled together for drills and fires.

You can hike, bike, walk on a treadmill, ski, lift weights, get on an elliptical, etc., etc. You just can't play basketball, run 5Ks or 10Ks or run on a treadmill.
Dude, I've seen you move. You don't do that shit anyway.

It rainy here today and I didn't feel it coming, unlike before when I knew 3 days out. Why are you screwing around with shots (been there), anti-inflammatory/pain RXs (been there) and chronic pain?
Your quality of life is SO much better when you don't have to weigh "X amount of fun vs X amount of ice bags and RXs" and w/o nagging knees. Ever notice that when your knees hurt, you're tired all the time? Besides being miserable, chronic pain saps your energy too!

You are going to have to get a replacement anyway, your knees are shit. Why put it off further down the road? What do you gain?
If you want to have a heart to heart with your orthopod, talk about that.

KevinC said...

#AllRiflesMatter . ;)

Anonymous said...


-Col. Townsend Whelen

(the actual quote is "only accurate rifles are interesting")