Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SIG 225 Carry Gun

I give you nekkid wemens, and all you is hardware! It's a miracle the species has been able to propagate at all!

Anyhow, this is my SIG 225 carry gun with its natty wood Nill grips, courtesy of the nice people at SIGARMS. The gun's an 8-round 9mm; the rounds are Hornady TAPs. To me, the 225 fits my girly-man hands better than the fatter 228/229, although neither of those is particularly unpleasant to shoot. In fact, I've considered going to a 228 specifically because I can get Crimson Trace Lasergrips for it. The 225 is technically out of production, so no Lasergrips even though I cried and whined to the factory.

The holster in the lower picture is a Lou Alessi CQC/S, probably one of the finest carry holsters ever made. Be prepared to wait.

The top picture is the flip side of the little SIG, along with a Safepacker gun carrier from The Wilderness. EVERYBODY who owns a gun should have one of these little bags!!! They are the most convenient, least obtrusive carry bags in the world, with the advantage of being able to carry an extra magazine. With the shoulder strap, the Safepacker looks like yet another of the endless man-purses out there. You can also slip a Safepacker on the seat belt post of your car, which makes for a far more convenient carry and draw than on your belt. I've also used it on backpack belts, and on one has ever started shouting, "GUN! He has a gun!" This is truly a better mousetrap. Sadly, I did ask them to make me one in red, to which they replied, "No, Michael."


Anonymous said...

This SIG makes much more sense than the Kimber of a couple posts ago.
Let's see...Kimber $1000+, then dump a HUGE - GIGANTIC wad of money into it on top of that.
($250 - 300 for just the barrel to be fitted? And that doesn't include throating?
Better you than me pal.)

The 225 I bought was about $475.
A trigger job is what? A hundred? Tritium sights, another $90?

I'll take two Sigs over one 1911 any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

Michael Bane said...

You are 100% RIGHT!

When I did the episoode at the SIG factory for next season's SHOOTING GALLERY, in my closing I said that there are guns you buy to collect, guns you buy to compete with and then there are guns you're willing to bet your life on...because that's what you're doing when you choose to carry a gun.

That's why I carry the SIG.


Anonymous said...

VERY nice-looking gun and grips. Thanks for the gun pics, very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Once again you echo something I've believed for a long time. My 'fanny pack' is neon pink (slightly faded over the years). When I worked at a store, we had a regular customer who came in frequently wearing a OD green cable knit sweater with shoulder patches (SAS commando style), and a black leather 'fanny pack'. To me, it screamed gun holster. Make it look non-tactical if you can. Red would be great.
Fan of the Q-Ship,
Overload in Colorado

Richard said...

I just bought a nice Sig 225 to use as a daily carry, replaicng a Sig 239. The gun is in nice shape and has been very lightly shot but has a cracked left grip panel. I really didn't care about that when I bought it because I intended to put Hogue rubber grips on it anyway, or perpaps a pair of wooden grips. Lo and behold, no one, including Hogue seems to make grips for the 225. Then I came across this phot withthe beautiful wooden grips. Where can I find a pair? Do you know anyone that has rubber aftermarket grips for the 225?

Thanks for the help.

Castle Rock, CO

Spatzkat said...

pachmeyer makes a grip for the 225, it is slightly weighted but does not affect the handling at all. I've used them for 5 years of daily carry and find that they serve to balance everything out well, especially when shooting.

Spatzkat said...

pachmeyer makes a grip for the 225, it is slightly weighted but does not affect the handling at all. I've used them for 5 years of daily carry and find that they serve to balance everything out well, especially when shooting.

Unknown said...

That 225 is awesome and I have been looking for a set of the stippled Nill grips forever. If you ever get Crimson to make your laser grips, I would be glad to buy those Nill grips off of you. Anyway great blog and keep up the good work!

"Gunner" said...


Nice article! You know if you looked at mt blog(http://gunner777.wordpress.com) that I love 1911's but a fun gun is not always the same as your favorite carry gun. I've always shot Sigs well in spite of the double action first shot. I got my first Sig225 back in 1979 as an off duty gun and never looked back. When the P6 surplus guns came out I grabbed one. Talk about a bargain! Most likely less than 100 rounds fired and great shape externally. It hasn't had a malfunction yet and I suspect it won't. I know some folks say that the P^ differs from the 225 and has feeding problems but in my experience that's just not the case.
Now I just need some new grips which Craig at Mil-Tac may be coming out with soon and a good IWB holster. Once again this is my daily carry gun I trust 100%.


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a Sig 225, actually its the P6 police version. What I was wondering is if you have any suggestions regarding trigger upgrades. I have noticed that the trigger is not particularly smooth and I would not mind dumping money into the gun as I got it cheap due to the used condition. Thanks.

Sticky said...

Replace the stock 28 pound P6 mainspring (hammer spring) with a stock 225 (24 pound) one, for a lighter DA pull.

Anonymous said...

How about Burgundy Red? Check the Safepacker Website.

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