Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SG Challenge

After a quick 24 hours at home, I'm at GUNSITE for the SHOOTING GALLERY Challenge. Actually, the competitors will be coming in on Friday, then shooting Saturday and Sunday AM. I'm thinking of keeping it relatively quiet, since we are filming this for teevee (a 3-part SG Special Presentation in July).

Gotta run over to Ruger and pick up some guns!


Anonymous said...

Why keep it quiet?
I was hoping to head up the hill to watch and feel welcome to do so.
Has this changed?


Anonymous said...

I thought DA semi-auto pistols (such as made by Ruger) were discouraged at Gunsite {grin}.


Michael Bane said...

Yep...everybody's welcome to come up the hill!

Was thinking that I might save the hoop-la for the televised version...

Bill Laughridge is here to make sure everything runs 100%!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike,
For a minute there I thought I was stuck playing overpriced golf this weekend!


Anonymous said...

What time do things start each day?